Harewood House – Out And About

Having explored the stunning mansion that is Harewood House, we quickly grabbed some (delicious) lunch in their cafe then headed outside to explore the very extensive grounds. There are acres of gorgeous gardens set in a Capability Brown landscape – a lot to see.

Son perked up again after food and water and was most interested in the wildlife that calls Harewood home. We went back to have another look at the penguins and also found some flamingos and parrots.

Some creatures of the non feathered variety live here too…

We dithered with the idea of taking a boat trip on the lake. The boatman had gone on his lunch break and wasn’t coming back for an hour – that helped us decide. It was a stroll by the lake instead.

The grounds at Harewood are extensive and so beautifully maintained. I loved it, this is the most perfect place to walk and wander.

My favourite was the Himalayan Garden with its wonderful plants and landscaping. Son was intrigued by the Harewood Stupa, a Buddhist monument built by monks from Bhutan and apparently the only one of its kind in the UK.

Much fun was had on the stepping stones, he really did find a new burst of energy here and that stream was crossed multiple times.

The rhododendrons, primulas and ferns were all in full bloom during our visit and were stunning.

After our outside explorations were done of course it was time for ice-cream. We joined a lengthy queue but the wait was worth it. My rather lurid coloured cherry flavour ice-cream was the perfect way to end our day at Harewood House.

29 thoughts on “Harewood House – Out And About

  1. So nice that the weather kept nice for your walk through the grounds. I can remember the lake and the flamingoes and that they had an adventure playground which our then two very young sons adored. I wonder if its still there, in some form or other? Hope you have a good weekend before getting back into the school routine! Hate these dark evenings !

    • I think the adventure playground is still there – our (then almost 14 year old) son refused to go, sadly I think those days are past for us!! I know exactly what you mean about the dark evenings Marion – I never get used to them at this time of year!!

  2. Gorgeous photos Joy! I think they must have extended the grounds since I last visited many years ago as I don’t remember all those different gardens. There again maybe I wasn’t paying too much attention! There’s a lovely walk round the estate where you get good views back to the house. Have done that walk with my dad – you park your car just off the main A61 road before you get to Harewood village and go through the gates to get into the park. The pub was nice too from what I remember – we had lunch there a few years ago on one of our visits back! 🙂

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