Scarecrows and Spectacular Views

We passed through a little village called Hinderwell most days on our Yorkshire explorations.One of those places you drive through en route to somewhere else – that is until we spotted something strange going on. On our first day a rather stern looking police officer caught our eye…

Each time we drove through more and more figures started to appear. Some famous, some not so famous but every house or building in the village seemed to have one.

By the end of the week the Hinderwell Scarecrow Festival was in full swing. We had to stop, take a walk around and have a closer look.

Mr Trump and Mrs May even put in an appearance…

We paused for coffee and cakes in the most gorgeous little cafe – the Runcible Spoon – how could you not love a place with a name like that. Quirky and eclectic inside, the staff were friendly, the coffee was good and the cakes were just divine. My chocolate brownie was up there with the best I’ve ever had and Husband’s caramel square was beyond delicious. They had interesting cards and little craft items for sale too, if you ever pass through Hinderwell definitely stop here.

We decided to extend our walk a bit and check out Port Mulgrave. There is a coastal path from Staithes to this place, unfortunately we ran out of time to do what sounded like a superb hike, but this way we still got to experience some of the views.

A sign saying the footpath was shut due to a landslip almost put me off until a local man walking his dog appeared and told us it was fine.

We walked halfway down – a super steep hill and having already hiked Hayburn Wyke and part of the Cinder Track that day I didn’t feel in need of any more hill climbing and managed to persuade Husband this was enough. We got a great view of the stunning Yorkshire coast and even managed to pick up a few fossils for Son – that counts as a good day.

46 thoughts on “Scarecrows and Spectacular Views

    • The figures were so great, I love when a village does something like this, it must be such a lot of fun for everyone who lives there. We had fun exploring and looking at all their creations.
      The walk was gorgeous, the views were incredible, lush and green – all that rain earlier in our holiday must have contributed to that Terry!

  1. The coastline there is so beautiful Joy. I loved the scarecrows, the villagers must be very talented to create such amazing figures, there’s no way I could do it. The neighbouring village to us also have an annual scarecrow festival in July but we have always been away when it’s taken place. Perhaps we’ll get to see it next year.

    • The views from this little place over the sea were just stunning Marion – so lush and green as well (all that rain earlier in the week…). We loved the scarecrows, such a great idea to attract people passing through to stop for a while. They were raising money for the air ambulance so a doubly good thing. All of them were very well done, very clever too – I know what you mean though, it’s not something I would be any good at!!

  2. Pretty cool and creative little place, Joy. I love the scenery in addition to the scarecrows. I wonder if this changes year to year or if people use the same ones.

  3. Yay for surprise scarecrows! I love them, especially Spongebob! Weirdly, I vaguely remember visiting some village years ago that also had a scarecrow festival that I didn’t know about in advance. I’m not even 100% sure it was in Britain (it may have been in America) but I have been to Yorkshire a few times, and now I’m wondering if I was in that same village without realising it. If I’d had a blog at the time, then I guess I would know for sure!

    • I loved Spongebob too!! Our son dressed up as Spongebob for something once so we have a bit of a soft spot for him. Someone else commented they had a bit of deja vu about the scarecrows and wondered if they had been to this village and seen them in the past…. maybe it was Yorkshire for you too Jessica!!

  4. I love Trump and his books. I can’t quite read the faded name but it looks to me as if the author of Diplomacy for Dummies is T. Blair, is it? The residents obviously don’t have much regard for our esteemed (cough, cough) politicians! I have a sense of deja vu here too, I wonder if someone else has blogged about it in previous years.

  5. Those scarecrows are brilliant – I love Scarecrow Trump’s folder on building walls!! Coastal path looks beautiful too. Your experience of the ‘footpath closed’ reminds me of a similar experience I had on holiday recently: footpath closed, but plenty of people on it!

  6. I love the scarecrow festival. The police officer is good looking enough to be a model (sorry, couldn’t resist that one!). By the way, how do you know husband’s caramel slice was delicious? 🙂

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