Yorkshire Waterfalls and River Views

Our plan for this (unusual) sunny day was to hire bikes and cycle the Cinder Track. This former railway line runs between Scarborough and Whitby and promised a flat but scenic cycle route. We hadn’t brought our own bikes on this trip and when I happened to glance at the bike hire place the evening before to check out their opening times, the eye wateringly expensive rates put me off. Husband was still keen to experience a bit of the Cinder Track so we decided to walk part of it instead.

We chose a section that led over the viaduct into Whitby. It sounded most dramatic, the only problem was the viaduct walls were so high you could have been anywhere and could see nothing. A gap in the wall though let me spy Whitby Abbey in the distance perched on its cliff. We raced to another gap when we heard a steam train approaching but missed that…

Back to the car and our next stop was Hayburn Wyke. I had read about this in the tourist leaflets in our rental cottage. A secluded waterfall sounded just the thing for a sunny afternoon. We steered our way down some narrow country lanes, found a gorgeous looking pub and I must admit were sorely tempted to forego the waterfall in favour of a seat in their garden with a cool drink soaking up the sunshine.

We didn’t though. The waterfall it was. Hayburn Wyke is most definitely secluded. Instructions from the pub took us through a field of cows – thankfully they were lazy, sleepy and paid no attention to us – and down several steep sets of steps and a rather steep incline.

Sweating and with trembly knees we emerged at the most beautiful, pebbly beach. A quiet and scenic spot for sure, we (perhaps not surprisingly) were the only people there. We sat for a while, got our breath back and took in those lovely views.

Of course it was uphill all the way back…. quite a climb and quite a hike, tough going in the sunshine too but we (eventually) made it.

On the drive back to Staithes we took a detour inland to Ruswarp. Another sleepy village, we found a cafe by a river, sat with drinks and watched rowing boats glide up and down the water. The perfect way to rest our weary limbs after all that hiking.

The day ended with a last flash of excitement when the lady watering the beautiful flowers at the cafe had a bit of an incident. The top of the hose flew off, she drenched both herself and Husband. Perched on a chair by the water’s edge he had literally nowhere to go. Needless to say I found it side splittingly hilarious. Ironic too – even on this one sunny Yorkshire day he still returned home soaked to the skin….

23 thoughts on “Yorkshire Waterfalls and River Views

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your adventure. I have to say that when I read of the steps down, my first thought was, “Yes, but now you must climb back up!” So worth it! ~ Lynn

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