Whitby Wandering

Our plan for the rest of the day in Whitby was just to wander and go where the fancy took us.

The old town area is possibly my favourite part. Clustered around the 199 steps are a maze of narrow cobbled streets, tiny alleyways and loads of shops selling black jet jewellery, a minor gemstone found locally and made famous by Queen Victoria. She wore it as part of her mourning dress.

Lots of interesting and independent shops, some art galleries and many eateries meant I could have stayed here all day. I loved the alleyways too – you never quite know what you’re going to find and where they lead. One or two took us to the beach.

The working harbour is busy and bustling with so much to watch. I seemed to have developed some sort of a mild obsession with lobster pots, more than a few photos in my collection now.

Plenty of pleasure craft too although on a windy day the trips around the harbour and out to sea didn’t look like much fun to me. We watched a galleon replica of Captain Cook’s ship heading out with sea shanties playing. Maybe that was to help take the passengers’ minds off the rocking – it looked like a very rough 20 minute ride.

There is a little pier, we strolled along it but big gaps in the wood and the foaming sea below made my knees knock more than a bit. Normally I love nothing more than a walk along the pier, here not so much…. Some great views across to the Abbey but even that wasn’t enough to distract me.

Despite the less than ideal beach weather there were plenty of families enjoying the sand and sea. The ice cream seller on the beach was making the most of that Dracula connection too.

Colourful beach huts snake along the base of the West Cliff. We had a closer look and a hard, steep hike to the top of the cliff. Plenty of puffing and huffing from me especially when Husband announced at the top there was a cliff lift he’d noticed earlier…

We found Captain Cook’s statue right at the top. He has a strong connection with Whitby having learned his craft here. Two of his ships were built in Whitby and unfortunately we ran out of time to visit the museum dedicated to the famed explorer.

The original Whale Bone arch nearby was erected in 1853, a replica was presented by Norway in 1963 and this one was given to Whitby by Alaska in 2003. Great views of the Abbey and those steps from here too.

We walked past a whole series of amusement arcades (one of the benefits of Son not being with us was being able to walk past).

Back past the harbour where we saw a multitude of people crabbing, then back to the car with tired and aching limbs (my phone logged 25,000 steps and 70 storeys that day), a successful return visit to Whitby.

49 thoughts on “Whitby Wandering

  1. Like you, I enjoy the charm of old towns. Interesting the shape of the lobster pots which are a bit different from the ones I’m used to seeing. I guess they all work the same.

  2. A lovely post on Whitby bringing back lots of fond memories. I just love the brightly painted beach huts too. When we were there we had fish and chips at the Magpie Cafe did you perhaps see it, it used to always gave long queues outside but as I’ve not been for a long time, I’m not sure f it is still so popular or still there. Marion.

  3. Fish and chips in Whitby was always a family tradition Joy! Lovely photos – I always loved the old town and cobbled streets too. Plus I love the lobster pot collections! No change here – we remain on hold. It is very hard but have many things here to keep me going and just trying to get on with things hard though that is. Once anything changes I’ll make arrangements to come over. Hope all is well with you and I have been especially enjoying your north Yorkshire posts – they have such happy family memories for me!

    • Such a difficult time for you Rosemary, you must feel very helpless. I think it’s true though, you have to keep busy and keep going hard though that is. Still thinking about you and sending you best wishes.

      • Thanks so much Joy. Yes I do feel very helpless – it is all out of our control and we just have to wait for the inevitable (sooner rather than later) though no one can predict exactly when that will be. Very hard for my dad and rest of the family there so will go to support when something happens. I have had 2 friends fly over and then had to fly back and miss the funeral and since I was only over in May (alas Mum no longer recognised me as she has advanced dementia) this seems the best course of action. Still so very hard. In meantime am keeping busy with stuff here. Off to the zoo with my daughter and granddaughters tomorrow so that will keep me on my toes! Thanks for the support and hope you are having a good week 🙂

      • Sad news Joy – my mum passed peacefully away late last night UK (early morning here). Very emotional time but thankful that Mum is now at peace (she suffered for many years with dementia). Mum lived most of her long life in Yorkshire so your posts have been a lovely reminder of happier times.

      • I’m so sorry to hear that Rosemary – my deepest condolences. No matter how much you are expecting this, it is never easy news to deal with – I know from my own experience with my lovely mum. You must have very conflicting emotions – relief that she is no longer suffering but also deep sadness, focusing on all the happy memories and good times really does help. Have a safe journey back to Yorkshire and your dad – we will be keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. xx

      • Thank you so much Joy for your kind words. Yes there are many conflicting emotions exactly as you say deep sadness but relief that Mum’s suffering is finally over. Will be a sad journey home but will be seeing my younger daughter again earlier than expected plus catching up with all the Uk family. Appreciate your kind thoughts and good wishes xx

  4. I love lemon top cones, though I’ve only ever seen them offered in Whitby. I wonder why? I would definitely have gone for the free Dracula blood! Love all your photos, even the lobster pot ones, despite my fear of lobsters (I think it helps that you can’t really see any lobsters in them).

    • It is the kind of place you could mooch around for ages and never get bored, there is so much to see and do. They have some museums we didn’t get the chance to visit but I would love to go back.

  5. I’ve had a brief visit to the Abbey before but looks like there’s a lot more to Whitby than that. Will have to go back sometime. Fancy walking up the cliff and then announcing there was a lift – that’s the sort of thing I’d do 🙂 !

    • I’m sure it was completely fine but walking along just did weird things to my knees and stomach!!! Whitby is great though – definitely recommend a visit if you’re ever in this area.

  6. I really enjoy your write-ups, Joy. You have such a nice balance of photos with interesting explanatory background notes. This looks like a lovely place to visit.

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