Runswick Bay in the Rain

The Yorkshire weather took a dramatic turn for the worse on the second day of our stay. We awoke to howling winds, pouring rain and temperatures more akin to December than July. Husband had spotted an Iron Stone Mine on the drive back yesterday, we figured we might as well be underground in this weather so headed there. Everyone else had the same idea – all tours were fully booked until the last one later in the afternoon. We signed up for this and set off for nearby Runswick Bay instead.

I had thought about visiting this place later in the day “if” the weather cleared. It became obvious that wasn’t on the cards, we decided we might as well wrap up warm and go anyway – hardy sorts we didn’t want to let that weather beat us.

Misty and miserable when we arrived, Runswick Bay was nevertheless spectacular. The road into the little village dips all of a sudden to reveal a huddle of picture postcard perfect cottages and the most beautiful bay. The setting, even on such a wet and windy day is idyllic.

We parked, pulled on hiking boots and raincoats and set off to explore. Bracing to say the least, we needed to jump up and down to keep warm reading the map.

We just wandered. The village is lovely, loads of tiny paths to explore but we were drawn to the beach.

We took lots of pictures of a lovely thatched white cottage which we later learned was the former coastguard’s house.

Strolling along the sands with the wind at our backs didn’t actually feel too bad.

There are some interesting cliffs and holes in the cliffs – we explored a bit and went into some of them. These are known locally as “Hob Holes” – small caves where people once thought hobgoblins lived.

One hobgoblin acquired a reputation for curing whooping cough. Mothers took their ailing children here and called out a rhyme outside the cave asking to be healed.

We discovered a little waterfall and then walked nearly the whole length of the sandy beach.

A quicker walk back though as the tide was coming in.

The waves were ferocious, the wind was in our faces on the way back and with that and the sand and sea spray blowing it was hard going.

We had a last look at the village and its houses perched on the narrow terraces looking out to sea. Apparently in the spring storms of 1682 the whole village sank towards the sea. All the residents escaped – they were attending a funeral out of the village.

We climbed back into the car, soaked through and freezing cold but still glad we had come to this beautiful place and explored the lovely bay.

31 thoughts on “Runswick Bay in the Rain

  1. These are such typical British holiday photos, aren’t they? Still beautiful, but I’m sure you’d have preferred the beauty in different weather! If we waited for that though, we’d never go anywhere.

    • We were questioning our sanity that day choosing to have a holiday in Yorkshire in July!! I think if the weather is like that in November you don’t mind and just wrap up warm and appreciate the misty beauty. A little harder to do in summer….. You’re right though, in this country we have to get on with it whatever the weather. This was the worst day ….. the weather did improve (a bit!).

  2. Another place I’ve heard of but not visited Joy. It looks lovely despite the weather. We always put our hoods up and plod on regardless. There’s no point just sitting in the car or a cafe hoping the rain will ease. You did well to keep raindrops off your camera lens. Marion.

    • The photos definitely don’t do it justice Marion, it is way more beautiful than it looks on my pictures even when the weather is dreadful!! We just wrapped up warm and still enjoyed our walk – sunshine would have been nice though!! We kept having to wipe the lens, I’m surprised we got any pictures at all really.

  3. I’m starting to hum “rainy week in Yorkshire” to the tune of “Rainy night in Georgia” after reading your last 2 posts! It’s good that you’re still having fun though. Sometimes it can be more atmospheric seeing these places on a windswept stormy day!

    • It is true, I do quite like windswept stormy days on the beach but maybe not quite so much as this in July!! The weather was as bad as it could be on that day, I started to question our sanity going on holidays in Yorkshire in July!! Spoiler alert – it did pick up (a bit) after this….

  4. When travelling in Britain, one definitely has to be prepared to just wrap up and get on with it. You could wait around for the entire duration of a trip waiting for the weather to improve after all. The village looks wonderfully picturesque even in the dull light and horrid weather.

    • It was a gorgeous little place Laura and the bay is so picturesque. My photos don’t do it justice at all. So true about the great British weather and summertime – this was a prime example of that!

  5. Great set of photos Joy – beautiful in a wild and rugged way. Very impressed you braved the beach and the “Hob Holes” in such inclement weather – I feel cold just looking at the photos! I love the stories behind the “Hob Holes’ and can imagine little hobgoblins living there! Hope you found somewhere to warm up afterwards! πŸ™‚

    • The weather was so terrible that day Rosemary, it really felt nothing like July (even in England!!). I grumbled to my husband more than a few times that this is why people go to Spain!! That said though we did enjoy the day out, it was just a lot colder and a lot wetter than I would have preferred!!! The hobgoblin stories intrigued me too – I love things like that.

      • Yes I can see the attraction of Spain Joy! We are having an unseasonably cold snap here in WA – cold south westerlies pushing up much colder and wetter air than normal. I’ve had to turn the heating up and dig out all my warm jumpers that I sorted out a week or so back thinking I wouldn’t need them again for a while! I would have been freezing in Runswick Bay but it does look a lovely place despite the weather! Bizarrely the east coast of Australia is experiencing record breaking heat – everything has gone topsy turvy! Hope it’s not too bad with you! πŸ™‚

    • Experience on holiday (in July!!) in England has taught us bring every kind of clothing for hot, cold, wet and everything in between weather!! We were well kitted out here so the rain didn’t do too much damage. The caves were fun and the story about the hobgoblins just adds an extra little bit of fun for me!

  6. Sometimes this sort of day is the most memorable because you saw, not the picture-perfect town, but the town the way the inhabitants see it and live it. It does sound bracing and wild–I’d have gone straight to a pub with a warm fire at the end of the walk!

    • Absolutely and so true, I’m sure the weather is often like this at Runswick Bay so we were seeing it as it is – still loved it! A pub would have been nice but we went straight to an ironstone mine!!

  7. Gosh, Joy, I am impressed – you are a hardy lot! Well done on all that exploring, and managing to take photos too! I would have headed for a cosy pub afterwards to warm up. πŸ™‚

    • Oh that day the weather was just terrible Reggie, so disappointing (even for the UK) and this was July!! We figured we only had a week so there was no choice but to get out and about. I did question our sanity at times on that beach though…

      • We’ve had to do similar things on the rare occasions we’ve been overseas – no matter what the weather is like, you still have to take every opportunity you can to explore! After all, you might not have another chance for a long time. So, well done! πŸ™‚

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