Back in Time At Beamish – Part 3

We waited for the tram in the town area of Beamish and then jumped off again at the next stop – Pockerley. A short stroll from here to the Waggonway where you get the chance to ride a replica of the world’s oldest surviving steam locomotive – Puffing Billy. The original hauled coal wagons from the mines to the docks in Northumberland. This replica hauled people a short distance and was definitely fun to ride.

We strolled over to St Helen’s, a little church due to be demolished until it was saved and brought here.

After that it was up the hill to Pockerley Old Hall, one time home of a tenant farmer.

Son (to my amazement as he never does craft activities) sat down and made a lavender scented pomander while we explored upstairs.

The house and terraced gardens are lovely, we chatted with the friendly staff and then made our way back to the main Beamish entrance area.

Of course there had to be a quick browse in the gift shop then back to our car. We stayed in Beamish until closing time and left all in agreement that this is the most wonderful family day out.

20 thoughts on “Back in Time At Beamish – Part 3

  1. I have really enjoyed following your trip to Beamish as I have such fond memories of visiting there in times past. It looks like they have saved and reconstructed many more buildings on the site since my last visit (which was probably in the 1990s) and I really like the idea that it is a living museum in terms of expanding and growing in addition to its more obvious meaning.

    • It seems like it is changing all the time, we overheard a staff member telling someone about a 1950’s village currently under construction that will be finished in a couple of years. It is a great place, we would definitely love to go back sometime.

    • We just about managed to squeeze in the train ride and see the farm – it was definitely a busy day. Completely agree about Sintra too, I liked it and loved the buildings but hated the shops and all that tat for sale.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your three-part post on Beamish, Joy. What a delightful and fascinating place! It sounds like the best part of this experience were the interactions with the people who live/work here.

    • It was such a great day out Reggie, we loved exploring and going back in time here. You are right though, it is the people who work here that make it such a special place. Everybody was so friendly and full of knowledge, they chatted to adults and children alike and really made the place come alive.

  3. I do want to go here, and I’d happily head off with a few lavendar pomanders. The setting, the backdrop, it strangely does look really authentic and not particularly ‘done’. Hugely appealing.

    • It does have a very authentic feel, unlike a lot of those sorts of museums this one gives you the unsettling feeling you have stepped back in time. The tram ride and the different sites are all part of that too. It is a great place – I’m sure your little ones would enjoy it too.

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