Exploring Cascais

After watching the incredible waves crash onto the shoreline, we carried on driving by the sea and soon arrived in Cascais, our last stop on the guided tour. This gorgeous little place was once home to fishermen, now it is a trendy and buzzing holiday spot. Our guide dropped us off in the centre of town, we had free time to explore so Son and I just wandered as the fancy took us.

Cascais is really pretty and not hard to see why it is a popular resort with people from Lisbon, apparently many of the wealthy from there have second homes here. It is just 19 miles away from the city, is right on the shores of the Atlantic and is colourful and cosmopolitan with lovely streets, luxurious houses, trendy shops, restaurants and bars.

Son and I headed first of all to the marina, sat on the wall with an ice cream and watched the boats bobbing on the water.

We found a sand sculptor who was a joy to watch, some of his creations were a little risque and did bring a smile to my face but this one was perfectly respectable.

We wandered, exploring the lovely streets, browsing in the shops and spent half an hour chilling on a golden, sandy beach.

On the way back to Lisbon we drove through Estoril, another little holiday place a bit similar to Cascais. We saw the huge casino there and heard about its interesting connection to James Bond. Ian Fleming was posted to Estoril at the end of World War II, he spent some time as a spy and stayed in a hotel overlooking the casino. Some say this was his inspiration for Casino Royale. The James Bond movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” was also filmed around the casino in Estoril and in Lisbon. Son is a big James Bond fan so hearing about this was right up his street.

After all that it was a short hop back to Lisbon. A full day of exploring, we saw some varied and interesting things. Guided tours do not normally feature on our holiday agenda however this one was great. Son gave it a huge thumbs up as well. Money well spent…


45 thoughts on “Exploring Cascais

  1. Lived in Lisbon for a bit two years ago and never made it to Cascais as was told the beaches were so packed (summertime), so we went to other beaches instead. Will need to go next time I’m there, looks lovely.

    • It was early spring during our visit and I think, despite the fact it was a hot and sunny day, we were the only people on the beach. However I can imagine in summer it would be extremely busy. It was gorgeous though, I loved meandering around the streets and browsing in the shops, it is a lovely place to just wander.

  2. So pleased your guided tour worked out well and you saw a lot. We took the train to Cascais then walked along the seafront to Estoril and returned back to Lisbon from there. I really liked Cascais and it’s shopping centre. Have a good weekend.

    • I would definitely go back, especially since my husband didn’t get to come with us that day and feels like he has missed out! Again good to know about the trains, useful for the future! Hope your weekend is a lovely one too Marion.

  3. Certainly sounds like they packed a lot of worthwhile sights into that guided tour. I’ll have to keep these spots in mind for when I eventually make it over to Portugal. I like the sand sculpture – a nice change from all the dogs they seem to sculpt in the UK!

    • We didn’t really have long enough there either, just time to explore a little and sit on the beach for a while. I would definitely go back as well and spend more time in this gorgeous little place.

  4. More inspiration for my upcoming Portugal holiday – thanks for that. I am a great fan of Corfu and there is a casino there that was used for the filming of ‘For Your Eyes Only’ . They probably filmed a James Bond film in every part of the World!

  5. It looks like you hit it there at Siesta time or a great time of year as you had the streets to yourselves.
    I loved the tiled facade of that house-building. Thanks for taking me on the arm-chair tour! It was lovely.

    • Not sure what it was but we were feeling pretty pleased to have the place to ourselves!! The town is lovely, full of quirky architecture and gorgeous crumbly buildings. I loved strolling here.

  6. Joy, I am so glad your guided tour went well. Cascais looks like my kind of place and you didn’t have to deal with other tourists it appears! Beautiful photos and the James Bond connection is so interesting!

    • We really were very lucky Pam, nobody around at all so we wandered at leisure, it was lovely. Cascais is a gorgeous little place, so glad we were able to combine a visit here with our Lisbon trip. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  7. Cascais looks a lovely little place Joy – wouldn’t mind having a little holiday home here! The marina with the boats could be just down the road from here – think it mist be something to do with being on a west coast but the architecture is very different! We’re not normally fans of tours either but sometimes it is the only way to get to see some places and this one looks well worth the money! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend 🙂

    • The tour was really great Rosemary, we packed such a lot into the day, there were only 8 people on the tour and it was all really easy. That was what I was after since it was just my son and me so no worrying about bus/train times and having to be in charge!! Cascais was the perfect place to end what had been a really great day. We had a chilled out weekend, unfortunately the weather here has taken a turn for the worse and it has been dark and gloomy all day long – fingers crossed the sun comes sometime soon!! Hope your week to come is a good one.

      • A small tour like that sounds a good idea and as you say with it being only yourself and your son it would have been nice not to have to worry about transport etc! It’s a pity that summer has got off to a bad start – we had such lovely weather last month hardly any rain at all though it was chilly at times!

  8. ooh! I love the sand creations although such a lot of work for a short lived creation! Sounds like your trip was a success! Did you see any surfers?

    • We only saw one or two surfers sadly – something I love to watch. Not sure why that was really, maybe the weather wasn’t so good for it. The sand creations were fab – some were a bit rude but definitely brought a smile to my face. The sculptor had a sense of humour for sure.

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