Lights By The Lowry

A theatre trip has become one of our Christmas holiday traditions, this year was no different. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Lowry Theatre in Salford was all singing, all dancing and a great festive treat.


We brought Son to see Chitty several years ago, he has no recollection of that so this visit was highly anticipated and we got into the mood by watching the movie (several times for him). On the way to the theatre we caught the end of a lovely little market. Unfortunately the stall holders were mainly packing away, we regretted not coming earlier if only to have a drink in this great red double decker.


The Lowry is one of our favourite theatres, modern with super comfy seats which have oodles of legroom, we’ve never had a bad view or seat, this time was the same. We loved the show. Caractacus Potts was as eccentric as ever, the Childcatcher was creepy and very original, the music and choreography were wonderful and the stage design was very clever. All round great fun with the star of the show being that car – the “flying” at the end of the first half was so impressive.


Chitty tunes still playing in our heads, we took a stroll afterwards through the MediaCity area to check out Light Waves. There were nine “artworks” illuminating this whole area, just the thing to brighten up a dark winter night.


Son’s favourites were the Daleks and Spacemen by the waterside – a little bit of Blackpool as these were some of their famous Illuminations borrowed for a short while.




Spongebob and Noddy looked impressive too and those LED trees were spectacular.




We found this piece which apparently was part of Amsterdam’s Lightworks last year.


One last light filled treat was these little origami boats – 198 in total – floating on the water and changing colour as we passed.img_0915



37 thoughts on “Lights By The Lowry

      • It’s always hard going back to work and school after Christmas and with the weather so dreary, it seems an eternity to February half term. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it once he’s back in the routine. Do you take him by car or does he travel by bus? Our boys were fortunate to have a sought after grammar school only 30 minutes walk away from home so they usually walked.

      • That’s perfect when you have a great school in walking distance. We take our son by car, his school is in Manchester so walking isn’t possible and although he could get a bus it would take a long time – that would mean getting up earlier which would be a problem given this morning’s performance!!

  1. Lovely lights. Back to school, ouch! They’re off till Thursday here – today is still a holiday in lieu of Jan 2nd which was in lieu of Jan 1st so I think we’re all a bit confused.

    • Another holiday though Anabel – I’d be happy with that!! He finished school quite early before Christmas so did have plenty of time off – didn’t make getting up this morning after a lazy holiday any easier though!

    • You should go to have a look around next time you’re in the area. There’s loads to do around here and they have exhibitions and loads of child friendly stuff going on as well.

  2. I love looking at all those Christmas lights Joy! It does seem to be extra special to me in the winter – I still associate Christmas with winter time even though live in a “warm Christmas’ climate. The theatre outing sounds such a lovely tradition (something I remember doing growing up). Have seen the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie many times but not a theatrical production – sounds a great family outing! Hope you’ve had a good start to the New Year! 🙂

    • Can’t believe Christmas is all over Rosemary and we’re back to normality again – it just flies past!! We try and go to the theatre as often as possible but there’s just something extra special about a Christmas visit and Chitty was the perfect thing for us to see – we all loved it! Hope you’ve had a good New Year start too.

      • It does seem strange after all the build up Joy – all the decorations taken down and packed away for another year! It’s always a bit quieter here in January as so many people are away with it being the long school holidays!

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