Into The Woods At Crich

Having spent the morning riding the old trams up and down through the little village at the Crich Tramway Museum, we decided to do something different in the afternoon and go into the woods.

An old fashioned tram took us right to the end of the line. We hopped off, had a look at some mining equipment they had on display then took the Woodland Trail back to the village. It’s quite short, only about half a mile but with so much to see and check out it took us a fair amount of time.



They have a resident sculptor at the museum who creates the most incredible wooden figures mainly using a chainsaw. They are dotted here and there throughout the trail and are great fun as well as exceptionally intricate.

We found an ant first of all and then the Woodland King.





Hands down favourite for all of us was lurking under this bridge. You can just about see him in the first picture – an ogre or troll with a skull in his mouth and a bone in his hand. Needless to say Son had to investigate further..




Gorgeous views over the Derbyshire countryside when we came to a break in the trees.





A well laid out playground right at the end was the perfect place to blow off any remaining steam.


We crossed the Bowes Lyon Bridge, now a walkway between the nature trail and the village but once it stood at the Bowes Lyon estate in Hertfordshire.


Great views from up there of the trams coming and going.



All too soon it was closing time, we had to make our way back to the car. The old fashioned conveniences on the way drew a smile from Son.


A great day out, trams and a lovely woodland trail – this place comes highly recommended.

37 thoughts on “Into The Woods At Crich

    • It was lovely – the best kind of walk with so much to see and distract the youngest member of our family who is pretty good at moaning and groaning on a walk like this. No complaints at all which shows what a success it was!

  1. Magical! You’re so lucky to have these kinds of places to explore, Joy. I love those woodland trails with their playful sculptures… And cute bunny!

    • It wasn’t crowded at all on our day there either and this was in the peak of the summer holidays (you wouldn’t have known with the weather). The trams were mainly empty and we had the woodlands to ourselves. That always suits me very well!

  2. What a great idea Joy – this looks such a well thought out attraction 🙂 Love the idea of the wood carvings – must be great fun spotting them all and of course the countryside is just beautiful! Love the photo of the cute rabbit! All in all Crich looks like a great family fun day out! Hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂

    • It was the perfect end to a lovely day Rosemary. Spending the morning riding trams and exploring the museum and village and then running around through the woods (our son, not me!!) was a great mix. The sculptures were just amazing, so much skill had gone into them and they were very quirky too. Couldn’t resist the bunny too!! Best wishes for a lovely weekend as well!!

  3. I love that troll, though I think I might have felt differently when I was a child. Every year we’d go to this old-timey craft festival, and for some inexplicable reason, they had a person dressed as a troll there who would hide under the bridge. I was absolutely terrified of him! I think I’d be ok now though! 🙂 The ant is neat too!

    • It’s weird isn’t it how things like that can completely terrify children at a “fun” event. I used to be freaked out and terrified by the clowns at the circus – can handle them now though!! This troll was fabulous though, the woodcarver’s attention to detail with the skull and bone thrown in for good measure was just amazing.

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