Monaco – The Cathedral and Royal Connection

I have long been intrigued by Grace Kelly. Her iconic beauty and movie star career; her transformation into a real life princess and then that shocking, tragic and untimely death – the stuff of movies. Coming to Monaco for me definitely meant a trip to the cathedral and her burial place.

This sunny little stretch of coast became the property of the Grimaldi clan in 1297. In recent decades they have turned it into the world’s chicest city state and a classic luxury destination. It was the 1956 marriage of Prince Rainier III to Grace Kelly that well and truly boosted the glamorous status of Monte Carlo. They met when she was in Cannes to promote “To Catch A Thief,” Monaco has never looked back.


We strolled through the streets of the old town from the palace to the Cathedral – just a short walk and very easy to find. The building is beautiful, has some gorgeous gardens nearby and the most stunning views down to the water where we spied some seriously impressive boats and yachts.






Inside the cathedral were large crowds of people but despite that a quiet and serene atmosphere. This is one of Monaco’s most visited attractions, mainly because it contains the tomb of Princess Grace. Many of the ruling Grimaldis including Prince Rainier III are also buried here.



We joined a long but fast moving line and filed past the graves. Grace and Rainier are buried side by side with their wedding portrait between them. The whole experience felt solemn and moving.




Back outside we strolled through some gorgeous gardens and made our way downhill heading towards the harbour.



35 thoughts on “Monaco – The Cathedral and Royal Connection

  1. Fantastic photos, Joy! I’ve strolled around the harbour but hadn’t thought that you could visit the tomb of Princess Grace. Definitely on my list for next time.

  2. Great post, Joy. I’ve long been fascinated by Grace Kelly too..I love the wedding portrait in between moving. I’m sure it was pretty incredible to see all of it in person.

  3. I am a big Hitchcock fan (I did a whole Hitch tour of California some years ago now) and that was my first introduction to Grace Kelly as a child. Another reason I should visit Monaco some time. It looks like a really gorgeous place to visit.

    • Some of it is a bit like a concrete jungle, but the natural scenery is amazing. I love Hitchcock too – can’t get enough of those movies, that California tour sounds incredible, one for the list!!

  4. I remember the shock when Princess Grace died Joy – she always seemed born to the royal life so beautiful and regal. Very moving to see the wedding photo tribute between the 2 tombs. A gorgeous setting and stunning views down to the harbour as well!

  5. Beautiful photos, Joy. We never made it to the cathedral but it looks gorgeous. If I remember right Princess Grace had her accident on that winding road leading into town. We drove that coming in and it was treacherous.

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