Treetop Fun at Le Bois des Lutins

What a great find this place was. Son picked up a leaflet when we were out and about, they had him at the first picture and he lobbied hard for a visit. Not in our plans and having found nothing about it in my pre-planning trawls of the internet, Husband and I agreed it looked like a fun place. It happened to be only a stone’s throw from St Paul de Vence so slotted nicely into our day – sightseeing in the morning and forest fun in the afternoon.


I was glad we had checked the website before visiting. Although it was summer, our visit didn’t coincide with what they had as their peak season and the park only had limited opening hours. It would definitely pay to check this out beforehand to avoid any disappointment.ย They claimed on their leaflet it was three hours of fun. We stayed at least four and could have made it longer – we left at closing. Not busy at all either, there were some other French families there and a nice atmosphere but no queues for anything – bliss.



The whole place is a treetop assault course. The minimum age is two years old, I do think children would need to be a bit older than that to fully appreciate and enjoy all that is on offer. There is no maximum age…



We found huge trees with walkways leading from one to another, cabins in the trees and a range of slides taking you back to ground level. All themed around elves, we had the best time here.


We climbed ladders made of net and rope, came hurtling down a plethora of slides, some plastic tubes and others were made of sheet plastic which generated incredible static crackles, crazy hair and much laughter.


Trampoline type nets stretched across valley areas with huge clear balls you could bounce or roll at each other.



Hammocks to relax in and catch your breath…


A giant play area with a zip wire was also fun and then we found inflatable balls to get inside and propel yourself around an astro turf pitch. Much laughter here too and Son proved he is so much better at this type of thing than we are.



Drinks in the cafe and then we did it all again.


We found a “room” full of rustic type games which brought out our competitive sides.



Last but by no means least was a tube slide, the only bad thing was hauling those huge, heavy tubes back up the hill.



We had the most fun ever at this place, Husband and I were more than a bit exhausted at the end but all were glad Son picked up that leaflet.

40 thoughts on “Treetop Fun at Le Bois des Lutins

  1. Wow! I have an envious ten year old here. Goes to show that research and guidebooks won’t get you everywhere! Sometimes the best finds are still just in the Magic of travelling…

    • Absolutely!! I remember when we used to go on holidays with my parents and frantically gather up a batch of leaflets and flyers on the first day we got there and then plan our activities. The way this happened took me right back!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun Joy! Yes definitely think 2 years old might be a bit young. Not sure how Monsieur would go either – he hates heights and had a panic attack on a similar tree top walk here in WA. I’d have to convince him the nets were safe!! Looks like you all had a ball though! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend! I managed to pick up the flu that my little granddaughter had so have been rugged up indoors ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It’s still so cold here think it’s going down to 3 or 4 tonight. On the other hand my dad says it’s been in the 20s in Yorkshire! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It was such a fun place Rosemary but probably not so much if you don’t like heights…. Hope you’re feeling better again and back to normal! We’ve been loving the Indian summer here, pouring with rain now today though so a bit of a shock to the system after all that lovely sunshine!

      • Oh no Joy maybe that is it for summer this year? I do sympathise we have had such a horrible winter – the wind has been so bitter as well. Still so cold and windy again today but at least the sun is out . Thanks I have just started to perk up this afternoon – I obviously got the flu off my little granddaughter and it’s just knocked me for six. Hope the sunshine is going to stick around for a while – not used to wearing thick woollies in spring here! Hope you’re having a lovely week weather aside!

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