Bird’s Eye View of Nice

Having explored all the nooks and crannies of the Old Town in Nice we passed some lovely fishermen’s cottages and made our way to the Colline du Chateau. This is right at the eastern end of the Promenade des Anglais, once a fortified bastion but now (I read) the perfect place to see Nice from on high.


There is a (free) lift to the top – too good to resist for Son and me. Husband though decided the 300 plus step stomp was a better option for him.


Coming out of the lift Son spied a park and was off. Having saved the energy on the steps he headed straight for a variety of climbing apparatus and proceeded to use it all up on that. Husband and I found a cafe, bagged ourselves a table and sipped our drinks in the late afternoon sunshine while Son climbed and clambered.


Not much left of the ruined castle, just some crumbling walls but what you do get from up here is the most incredible view of the port.




We took the steps on the way down – great views of the Promenade des Anglais and the city stretching out along the sea are too good to miss in the lift and going down is not so bad.




After that a quick dash through the city to the station to catch our train back to Cannes – just enough time for one last splash in the fountains at the Place Massena.


31 thoughts on “Bird’s Eye View of Nice

    • I usually take the steps and avoid lifts, however it was so hot and I thought with that, plus our Son’s moaning the lift was an easier option!! I was glad we walked down though, great views from the steps as well.

    • It was such a hot day Rosemary – that plus 300 steps and then the lift was free – you can’t argue with that!! The views from the top were incredible and we got to see more as we walked down the steps – definitely the easier way!!

      • Yes walking down is the way to go Joy! Better views as you say and I wouldn’t fancy 300 odd steps in the southern French heat either. I think it would be a similar summer heat to here as it’s a Mediterranean climate – we do get a really strong afternoon sea breeze, which is wonderful!

    • It is gorgeous, the views are just amazing. My son is not so little now and more than capable of racing up all those steps – the moaning though, that would have made it too much of an ordeal!!

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