Exploring Nice Old Town

The Old Town area of Nice was my favourite part of the city – a maze of narrow streets, red tiled roofs and Italianate facades, it looks like it has hardly changed for centuries. Strolling around and soaking up the atmosphere in this part of the city is an absolute delight.

05.26.046 - Nice

Laundry hangs from windows and flaps in the breeze, the buildings are packed in snug and tight and everywhere seemed to be selling food or Provencal souvenirs.

05.26.047 - Nice

05.26.049 - Nice

The whole area was buzzing, a great atmosphere, we followed our noses, gazing into spice shops, smelling the wares and going where the fancy took us.

05.26.048 - Nice

Eventually we found Fennochio’s – a place I did intend to visit. This is the most wonderful ice-cream stall selling world famous wares.

05.26.050 - Nice

The flavour range is vast – unlike anything I’d ever seen before. All the traditional offerings, some unusual flavours too and then the downright bizarre – beer ice cream, tomato ice cream and thyme ice cream I have to admit did not appeal to me too much.

05.26.051 - Nice

Son stuck to form with chocolate and gave it a thumbs up. Husband chose lavender and violet and I opted for rose flavour – all were delicious.

05.26.052 - Nice

We arrived in the Cours Saleya too late for the fruit and vegetable market, instead they were setting up tables for the evening. We did find the flower market though and ended our visit to the Old Town with an explosion of colour and aroma.

05.26.053 - Nice

05.26.054 - Nice

05.26.055 - Nice

05.26.056 - Nice

43 thoughts on “Exploring Nice Old Town

  1. There are definitely some wacky ice cream flavours out there – I remember seeing “smoked salmon” once in Spain and wondering who on earth would choose that!

  2. I like to try unusual flavours of ice cream but would draw the line at beer or tomato flavours – your selections sound much better. My current favourites are salted caramel, liquorice and coconut (but not together!). We ate at night in that flower market area and the atmosphere was nice. Whenever I see washing hanging from high I wonder how many socks fall off never to be seen again! Have a nice weekend!

    • We lose enough socks in our house, can’t imagine how we’d keep track with our washing hanging out like that!! The flower market looked so lovely when they were setting up the tables, made me regret having to take the train back to Cannes, I would have loved to eat there.

    • I didn’t see too many takers for the beer or tomato ice cream George, maybe there are not too many crazy people around!! I thought rose flavour was daring enough for me – plus it was delicious!!

  3. I always enjoy your Posts on places I have visited as they bring the memories to life. The Old Town was certainly my favourite and I can smell the flowers, taste the ice cream and see the washing hanging above the streets. S

  4. I love this sort of place Joy – “Old Town” areas always draw me in! I can’t remember if we wandered round here or not when we stayed in Nice all those years ago – I think the sun had really affected me! The rose, lavender and violet ice creams sound delicious and the chocolate too of course. The flowers are gorgeous – can never resist a flower market either! All in all looks a delightful place to stroll around 🙂

  5. I went to Nice this summer, too! We stayed in the Old Town, it was excellent and very close to the beach! Hopefully you got to experience the Old Town at night as well. It is a very lively place to be!

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