Exploring Tourettes sur Loup

Our final stop on the Gorges du Loup explorations and it was definitely a case of saving the best for last – Tourettes sur Loup. Such a gorgeous little place, perched 1,300 feet up with sheer drops all around it is stunning even as you approach and we all were completely in agreement that the medieval town was a delight.

05.25.073 - Tourettes sur Loup

We parked and set off to explore, the only problem was it started to pour with rain as soon as we climbed out of the car – that was not on my agenda. No waterproof coats – this is the South of France I thought – big mistake. The rain was icy and chilly but we persevered.

05.25.074 - Tourettes sur Loup

05.25.075 - Tourettes sur Loup

We passed through an alleyway and narrow entrance into the old town and found a medieval maze of narrow, winding and cobbled streets. Unlike most of the other perched villages it seemed devoid of tourists too. Maybe this was due to the weather but whatever it was a refreshing surprise, it felt like we had this little gem all to ourselves. A completely different experience to somewhere like Eze.

05.25.080 - Tourettes sur Loup

We discovered a 14th century church and a host of craftsmen and women with shops in the old town. Loads to see and do, we enjoyed watching them working with Son’s favourites being the potter, woodworker and a weaver.

05.25.077 - Tourettes sur Loup

05.25.078 - Tourettes sur Loup

05.25.084 - Tourettes sur Loup

When the rain got a bit too much, as if by magic Son discovered a sign for crepes. We followed it and went into the cutest little creperie ever. A tiny stone room with three gingham clad tables it was like something from a fairytale.

05.25.086 - Tourettes sur Loup

05.25.085 - Tourettes sur Loup

05.25.083 - Tourettes sur Loup

Son ordered up his usual crepe with chocolate, I thoroughly enjoyed a glass of something sparkly from the region with a dash of violet syrup and Husband slugged back a glass of local cider. All delicious and we toasted our trip to the Gorges du Loup.

05.25.079 - Tourettes sur Loup

38 thoughts on “Exploring Tourettes sur Loup

  1. Looks lovely and it is great that you had the place to yourself.

    We made the same mistake about the weather when we visited Provence in 1994. We went in September and thought it would still be quite warm so we only brought one pair of jeans and one sweater, the rest was t-shirts and shorts. Well, we certainly got it wrong as the temperatures were quite cold with some rain (apparently it was record-breaking cold!). Our pair of jeans was well used at the end of the 2-week trip. We never made that mistake again!!! (Suzanne)

    • We were lucky with the weather the rest of the time (thankfully) Suzanne just caught out this one time. I think because we were up in the mountains, it still taught me a lesson though, always have the layers in the car!!

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time despite the surprise of cold rain. That place looks absolutely magical. It’s the type of place that appeals to me because of all the details, the layers of streets and buildings, and the idea of turning corners and spotting something new and interesting.

    • It was completely gorgeous and a magical place. Most of these perched villages in this area are completely over-run by tourists so it is sometimes a bit trickier to see all the detail and take it in. This place was not like that at all and we strolled at leisure (despite the rain) soaking up the beauty and the really special atmosphere.

  3. Joy, what a delightful village perched on cliffs and to have it all by yourselves! I love little narrow lanes that offer so many surprises! I am with Son, a chocolate crepe is always in order! Pam @ Everyday Living

    • These chocolate crepes in this place got a very big thumbs up from him Pam, although to be honest I’ve never heard a negative review where chocolate and pancakes are concerned!! It was a wonderful little village, such a delight to explore and stroll.

  4. Gorgeous! The third picture – the one with the doorway – is my favourite. (Something about doors!) Also loved the creperie – smart Son! Miss G. is of the same mind – everything is better with chocolate. If you ever find yourselves in Vancouver we have many chocolate suggestions for you…
    We love a city in Croatia called Grisignana, and our last trip there had the same nasty rain factor. Torrential. Still – I wouldn’t change the memories for anything… Magical places and memories don’t mind a little (or a lot of) rain. Thank you, as always, for sharing!

    • There was only a little bit of rain here so apart from slight shivering it was no problem at all! Any excuse to take shelter and grab a crepe…. I hope we can pick your brains about Vancouver chocolate hotspots someday, Canada and Vancouver especially definitely somewhere we yearn to visit and I hope sooner rather than later!!

  5. What a gorgeous place and your photos only enhanced the beauty. Anyone who can seek out crepes is my kind of person. I’d follow your son anywhere if all roads lead to a creperie…:)

  6. Tourettes sur loup looks the most adorable place Joy – just delightful and having the place to yourselves must have seemed like the icing on the cake! I have always wanted to go to Eze but the tourists would put me off somewhat so this seems like a dream. Love the idea of the little artisan craft places and seeing the potters and weavers at work must have been so interesting. The creperie was a serendipitous find – the crepes and drinks sounds delicious! 🙂

    • It is such a beautiful little place Rosemary, I really don’t know why it is so deserted and places like Eze are so packed, this one gets my vote! To see the craftsmen at work too was just an added bonus, oh and then those crepes…

  7. I am always amazed that France has managed to keep these old medieval towns and villages intact where we in UK have failed spectacularly to do so. Great composition in that first picture of the creperie.

  8. Hi Joy, Enjoyed your post. Looks like another place in Provence to add to our list when we return to Europe in the future. You can never tire of these hilltop villages. As your photos show they are just wonderful places to walk around. Cheers, Mark

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