Exploring the Gorges du Loup

Heading out of Grasse we decided not to return to the coast but to drive into the hills further and explore the Gorges du Loup – first destination being the hilltop village of Gourdon.

05.25.046 - Gourdon

Spectacular scenery, the village is perched atop a cliff with rocky mountains all around.

05.25.049 - Gourdon

Great views from this little place, we had spectacular vistas of the coast and the valley from 2,500 feet up.

05.25.051 - Gourdon

05.25.050 - Gourdon

Lots of cobbled streets, stone houses and quaint shops and of course, delicious ice creams.

05.25.052 - Gourdon

05.25.054 - Gourdon

05.25.058 - Gourdon

05.25.060 - Gourdon

05.25.061 - Gourdon

We took a winding road down from the village to Pont sur Loup and found some waterfalls. I had read about a walk to view them which took you through a turnstile and cost 1 Euro – this sounded our kind of thing for sure. The waterfalls are next to a little restaurant in the middle of nowhere, we parked there, got into suitable walking shoes and set off. Through the turnstile, we duly paid our fees and found about 20 stone steps down to a viewing balcony. It was about 100 paces, not even a stroll and no need for shoes much less special walking ones, still the waterfalls were pretty.

05.25.065 - Waterfalls

05.25.067 - Waterfalls

We carried on to Confiserie Florian where, since 1921 they have been turning fruit and flowers into confectionary products – candied fruits, jams, chocolates, fruit and flower flavoured sweets and crystallised flower petals. The location is impressive, right next to a stream with hills in the background and the remains of a railway bridge, bombed during World War II.

05.25.069 - Confiserie Florian

Tours of the factory are free, however once we got inside the Bank Holiday reared its ugly head again and just like the perfume factory there was no production today and no tours. The lady did though put an English DVD on in the visitor area so we could see the production process and hear more about the company.

05.25.072 - Confiserie Florian

We made for the little shop, tasted some exquisite rose and violet flavoured jam – so delicious. I would have bought these for sure but transporting jam filled jars on a plane might have proved more than tricky so common sense prevailed. We settled for buying chocolate with rose petals inside – no problem with transporting this on the plane, it was devoured ten minutes after we got into the car. Only regret – we should have bought more.

05.25.073 - Rose chocolate


30 thoughts on “Exploring the Gorges du Loup

    • Oh that weather in Wales, this was as far from that as you could get – mostly sunny and hot days with just a smattering of rain once. The chocolate was to die for, never tasted anything like it and I just wish we had stocked up. That bar was gone in the blink of an eye.

  1. I’ve heard about the gorges du Loup before but never seen pictures ! Thanks for that, I can finally put an image on that location. It looks just amazing ! I can understand why my friend chose that as a destination this summer 😀

  2. Gorgeous photos and area, Joy. That photo of you and your son is one of my favorites. He seems to be getting bigger each time you post another story..:)
    Very nice place.

  3. What a gorgeous spot. It looks to be so quaint and charming and all nestled in a stunning landscape. You made me chuckle with your preparations for a hike that turned out to be an easy stroll.

  4. What a gorgeous place Joy!! I love everything about it, the beautiful rustic stone, the pretty streets and flowers, hills, views….:) Plus the chocolates they look divine! The waterfalls look so pretty as well. A pity that the confiserie tour wasn’t running but it may have made things quieter. Looks such a lovely detour en route back from Grasse. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! 🙂

    • It was stunning Rosemary, so beautiful and unspoilt. We would have liked the tour of the sweet factory but getting to taste their wonderful produce was really good enough for me. Sun is shining here so we’re enjoying that – making the most of the end of school holidays!! Hope your weekend is great too.

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