Staying in Cannes

Cannes was our destination of choice, next job was to sort accommodation. We looked at various options, browsed all our regular websites and eventually settled on an apartment we all agreed suited (or looked like it did) perfectly. Not cheap but not over the top expensive and (crucially) available for our dates, we booked straightaway and found the owners helpful and responsive.

05.24.070 - Cannes

We arrived late in the evening, the owner’s local lady came to meet us and showed us around as well as taking a cash deposit which was to be returned to us when she checked the place over before leaving. That was fine with us. The apartment was easy to find, slightly further out of the centre of Cannes than we were expecting but that actually turned out to be a good thing too.

It was fresh, modern and comtemporary with a big living/dining area with white leather sofa and dining seating for six. The television was teeny tiny – we did actually intend to watch some DVD’s a couple of nights but gave up as the DVD player refused to work.

05.23.002 - Cannes apartment

05.23.003 - Cannes apartment

There was a small galley kitchen which had everything you could need, the cupboards were extremely well stocked with condiments, foil and other bits and pieces – a lovely surprise. There was a welcome box in there too with chocolate, jam, tea, a bottle of wine and some other little essentials.

05.23.005 - Cannes apartment

Two bedrooms – both incredibly small but there were fitted wardrobes and the beds were super comfortable. The bathroom was modern and the whole place was air conditioned throughout – definitely necessary.

Best of all though was the huge balcony, not so much of a view but plenty of space with table and chairs, sun loungers and an electric grill. The apartment complex had a pool which we could use – we never did though and even our own parking space. This was deep underground in the garage which was fantastic although anything bigger than a tiny car definitely would never have fitted. Husband struggled a few times squeezing our hired Ford Fiesta in, I would never have coped.

05.23.007 - Cannes apartment

05.23.010 - Cannes apartment

The area was mainly residential, great as there were so many wonderful food shops within walking distance. A boulangerie just across the road, we got fresh bread, croissants and pain au chocolates every morning and just steps beyond that a wonderful butcher and market selling fruit and vegetables at bargain prices. A couple of big supermarkets less than 5 minutes away and we had everything we needed.

05.24.002 - Food shopping in Cannes

Just a short stroll away was the beach, one of the best in Cannes as it actually had proper sand.

05.24.006 - Cannes

05.24.009 - Cannes

We decided on our first day to walk into the centre of Cannes, a super hot walk which took over an hour, when we discovered the railway station just behind the apartment and it was just one stop to the middle of the city we chose that option afterwards. We were also able to take the train from here to Nice and Monaco.

05.24.072 - Cannes

05.24.073 - Cannes

05.24.075 - Cannes

05.24.077 - Cannes

We BBQ’ed on our balcony a few nights and on the others found some incredible little local restaurants steps away. Le Bistro de la Verrerie called itself a French pizzeria, full of locals, a bit rough and ready but absolutely splendid food at eye poppingly cheap prices. Our second restaurant find was the piece de resistance. Tiny, beside a church and called La Luna there were only a small number of customers and a few tables. We feasted on their gourmet menu – 34 Euro for 3 courses and every mouthful was exquisite. Scallops to start, monkfish for main and delicious desserts. They prepared a kid’s menu for Son – 2 seabass fillets with a variety of fresh vegetables, not the norm by any means. We left agreeing this was the best meal we’d had out in a long time.

05.27.094 - Luna restaurant

05.27.096 - Luna restaurant

Another little neighbourhood restaurant was where we dined on our last evening in Cannes. Quirky, full of old “junk”, just a few tables and the most wonderful food. A perfect end to a perfect stay in a lovely residential part of the city.

05.29.089 - Last night in Cannes

05.29.090 - Last night in Cannes

05.29.092 - Last night in Cannes


40 thoughts on “Staying in Cannes

    • It was – despite initial reservations when we found it was further out of the centre than anticipated, the apartment and everything about it including location were just spot on.

  1. Wow! Looks picture perfect. (And mouthwatering!) I love “coming along” on your family travels – they are so down-to-earth and completely dreamy all at the same time. I also love the mural in the first picture. Was that the outside of your apartment? So fun! Thank you for sharing – it is always inspiring…

    • This was a great place, we loved staying here and being able to explore and do all the touristy stuff but still feel a bit like a local by shopping for food and staying in a residential part of this lovely city. Actually the mural was on a building in Cannes – bit of a cheat there, the apartment block was a bit bland and modern from the outside!!

  2. That vacation apartment looks perfect and how convenient that it was so close to the train station too. That parking situation would have given me palpitations though even with a small compact car and there is no way in heck a car big enough for the six of us would get into that space. I absolutely love scallops but have not had any since we returned to Scotland last summer so I was drooling at that photo and then scrolled on to that dessert and drooled even more.

    • Oh the food there Laura was just sublime – drooling just thinking about it now…. and so reasonably priced for such a feast, only in France!! The apartment was wonderful, staying in a residential area was a great experience but being so close to the trains to get out and about, we loved that too. The parking though, a different matter, let’s just say had I needed to drive we would have been taking the train everywhere!

    • The beaches in this area were stunning and like you say, really empty unlike closer to the centre of Cannes. Framed with the mountains in the background and those palm trees and it was like paradise.

    • The mural is a bit of a cheat though Anabel, I saw it on a building in Cannes and loved it so just stuck it into this post – nothing to do with the apartment unfortunately, I just liked it!!

  3. I love this Post Joy! We often share the high points of the village or city we are visiting but this was really refreshing to share your place of abode and its surrounds – thankyou Shirley

    • Thanks Shirley, I quite like to write about where we stayed and what we did in that area, like you say it often gets overlooked in favour of the sights and activities but nice to look back when the memories have faded a little and be reminded of the little things!

  4. What a great trip and such interesting photos. The food looked amazing and the apartment cool and quirky though that parking spot was crazy. I don’t know how you get out after you’re in. Staying in an apartment and becoming part of the neighborhood is the way to travel.

    • Absolutely George, we had a great time living a bit like the locals do, it makes things like food shopping so much more fun! The parking though, well that was a different matter!!

  5. Sounds like a serendipitous find Joy, even if you were a bit further out than you’d have liked! Such a great way to travel being part of a local neighbourhood 🙂 The food sounds divine – those scallops and the fish! And the desserts – yum! Gorgeous photos of the beach and your little balcony looks such a relaxing spot too. I would not have liked parking the car either!! Cannes looks a great place to stay! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend too 🙂

    • It actually worked out so much better Rosemary staying a little way out of the centre. It was only a 5 minute train ride to the middle of the city but it felt like a world away and then we had the benefit of those lovely little restaurants – wonderful food and for a fraction of the price the more touristy (and not so good) places right in the centre. We’ve had some lovely sunshine last week and just hoping it lasts a while longer! Hope your weekend is going well too.

      • Yes it’s always a good idea to go off the tourist trail Joy – you get such a good feel for a place that way too! We aren’t having sunshine – in fact it’s howling a gale and raining outside but I do love our winters as we get a chance to have the wood fire burning (has been put to good use so far this winter). We know we’re guaranteed sunshine in the summer though!! Glad the sun has come out for you and hope it continues! 🙂

  6. Looks great! We also rented an apartment in Cannes once, a balcony is definitely a must. Our apartment had air conditioning which was awesome as it was soooooo hot when we were there. But those parking lots and garages in France are just impossible – I always let hubby do the work, safer that way too 😉

  7. So nice that you stayed in a residential area and could really soak up the local flavor. Someone else said they can’t believe how empty the beaches are and I agree!

  8. I do love stumbling across old neighbourhood restaurants. They always seem to serve up the best food. The apartment looks like a good, more reasonable alternative to accommodation in Cannes – I’ve heard it can be very expensive!

    • Hotel prices were extortionate, but then it was the tail end of the festival so they may have been inflated as well. The apartment wasn’t cheap but was better value for money and with those restaurants on the doorstep just perfection.

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