Old Cannes

Cannes is now known as a city of festivals, glitz and glamour, an exclusive seaside resort full of yachts belonging to the rich and famous. All true, the once small fishing village though is incredibly family friendly and there are accommodation alternatives to suit all types of budgets. We saw plenty of bronzing bodies in the sand, luxury hotels, designer shops and Michelin starred restaurants but also a host of other tamer city charms.

One afternoon we climbed aboard the little tourist train, we weren’t too keen but Son managed to convince us it would be a good idea. Actually it did turn out to be a fun way to get our bearings and a good way to see the town. The trip lasted just over an hour, we went along La Croisette but then weaved our way up and through the streets of Le Suquet – the old town – all the time listening to a very interesting commentary on headphones.

05.24.044 - Tourist train

05.24.045 - Tourist Train

I loved it as we climbed the medieval slopes of the old town. The narrow and winding streets are just gorgeous, packed closely together and filled with restaurants.

05.24.050 - Old town

The lanes are cobbled and there are zigzagging stairways everywhere.

05.24.052 - Old town

05.24.053 - Old town

The houses have wonderfully pastel and faded facades and you really see the heart of Cannes here – you can imagine this place before the filthy rich arrived.

05.24.058 - Old town

05.24.057 - Old town

Cannes was once a small fishing village concentrated in this area. Apparently Le Suquet still has its own dialect and although it is undeniably touristy, it is still charming and exceptionally quaint.

05.24.061 - Old town

We trundled right to the top in the train to the clock tower and the ruins of Castre Castle – the 11th century citadel built by Lenin’s monks.

05.24.055 - Old town

05.24.059 - Old town

Up here there is a breath-taking view of the Bay of Cannes, the harbour below and the streets of the city.

05.24.054 - Old town

05.24.060 - Old town

Once off the train it was time for a crepe – Son thinks it’s always time for a crepe in France….

05.24.063 - Pancakes in Cannes

05.24.064 - Cannes

Then we walked back to the old town to explore the streets on foot a bit more and finished off with a rather nice cocktail – a day well spent.

05.24.065 - Cannes

05.24.066 - Cannes

05.24.067 - Cannes

05.24.068 - Cannes

47 thoughts on “Old Cannes

  1. I quite like those tourist trains and have been on a few in Italy and Spain – a good way to see everything in a short space of time without having to walk. They do look silly though!

  2. Oh the old town looks like an excellent place to get lost in wandering around. I am right there with your son on the Crepes, they are marvelous.

  3. Thanks! Last week were in Nice, I wanted to visit it but they had the festival going on so we decided to avoid the crowds. Now I know next time we are around there, it would be a wonderful place for a stroll!

    • It is busy during the festival but not bad at all for strolling we found and it adds something to the atmosphere. Festival aside though there are plenty of great places to explore.

  4. I remember those sweet-shaped sculptures from my trip, my sister and I loved trying to find them scattered over the city! It has to be said, I love taking a trip on those little tourist trains – they were always a feature of family holidays!

  5. How gorgeous Joy! Right up my street – just love the pretty cobbled streets leading up the hill and those beautiful little houses with their soft pastel hues. The dreamy soft yellows, faded blues and greens – they are just so soothing to look at! The walk up to the top looks to be well worth it to see the citadel and admire the views and then a cocktail to finish off the day sounds perfect πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing this other side of Cannes – really love the quaint character and old worldly charm so different from the images associated with the film festival! Hope you’ve had a good week and are having a lovely weekend! Enjoying a nice quiet day rugged up indoors (it’s wild and wet again) – had a couple of days babysitting and a late night at friends last night so it’s nice to sit here doing some quiet blog reading with a nice cuppa! πŸ™‚

    • It is a part of the city that seems to surprise a lot of people Rosemary and although we loved the glitz and glamour this was my favourite part. It is just gorgeous and as you say the pastel colours are so beautiful. Keep warm – a cup of tea and blogging in the cozy indoors sounds perfect when the elements are raging outside!!

  6. Such lovely photos, reminds me of the week we spent there many years ago. I always love those tourist trains but my family refuses to board, LOL! And I also agree with your son – there’s always a time for a crepe.

    • Absolutely Pam – there is plenty of glamour and loads of glitz but although we enjoyed seeing that side of Cannes, we loved the old part even more, wonderful buildings and a maze of gorgeous streets ideal for exploring.

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