Around Portmeirion

After strolling around the village of Portmeirion we decided in the afternoon to venture slightly further afield and explore the surroundings – not least the extensive woodland with thousands of self-sustaining plant species.

05.04.043 - Portmeirion

05.04.044 - Portmeirion

05.04.046 - Portmeirion

We just headed for the woods and strolled – it is utterly gorgeous. So many beautiful flowers everywhere but especially the rhododendrons, camellias and magnolias which were all breath-taking.

05.04.050 - Portmeirion

05.04.058 - Portmeirion

Apparently they have a team of 13 gardeners who work here year round – they do a great job. There is a bit of a micro-climate so everything thrives.

05.04.053 - Portmeirion

05.04.062 - Portmeirion

Our walk involved a fairly steep climb and plenty of steps but once we were in the woods proper, although hilly, it was not difficult. We found a signpost for a viewpoint, headed that way and were wowed by the sea, sand and coastline.

05.04.048 - Portmeirion

05.04.049 - Portmeirion

Hiking back down again we found a dog cemetery – some of the grave stones were quite intriguing.

05.04.054 - Portmeirion

05.04.055 - Portmeirion

05.04.057 - Portmeirion

After all that time in the woods it was apt to make our way down to the sea. The village overlooks a tidal estuary and a sweeping beach of pale sand. The tides are notoriously dangerous, on our entrance ticket it stated the time of high tide and that you should not venture onto the beach for 3 hours after hide tide. We obeyed. When the 3 hours was up, we explored the beach with plenty of interesting things washed up down there and Son thoroughly enjoyed peeking in all the rock pools.

05.04.066 - Portmeirion

05.04.067 - Portmeirion

05.04.069 - Portmeirion

05.04.072 - Portmeirion

We found a little lighthouse and got closer for a better look…

05.04.073 - Portmeirion

05.04.081 - Portmeirion

Then carried on to the hotel and sat on their terrace overlooking the sea for drinks and a snack.

05.04.083 - Portmeirion

05.04.085 - Portmeirion

05.04.087 - Portmeirion

05.04.089 - Portmeirion

All too soon it was time to retrace our steps through the village for a last look at lovely Portmeirion.

05.04.091 - Portmeirion

05.04.093 - Portmeirion


46 thoughts on “Around Portmeirion

  1. If you wanted a family friendly music festival I can recommend Festival No.6! Tis held at Portmeirion and the atmosphere is fantastic. I went a few years ago and keep meaning to go to the next one – maybe next year 😊

      • Good line-up, and lots to keep young people entertained – paddle boarding from the beach, book readings, magic shows etc. We took our own tents but they have boutique camping in tepees in separate (and quieter) fields. Toilets not too bad too even after 3 days! You can also stay locally and buy day tickets.

  2. I enjoyed reading this one.This place looks marvelous. Its a sure thing that you enjoyed that hike & exploration with all those wonderful sceneries.
    Lovely photos..Thanks for sharing.:)

    • The hike was wonderful, lots of people just explore the village – and understandably as it is gorgeous, but we were glad to have enough time to hike to the top of the forest and see the beach.

  3. Joy, that woodland looks truly amazing and just the place I would love to investigate. The trees are huge!
    I always enjoy your Blog, especially your photos and having your son in them gives a great sense of dimension. Thankyou …. Shirley

  4. What a beautiful spot Portmeirion is Joy – had no idea! Such a gorgeous woodland and coastline too. The lighthouse is so pretty 🙂 The dog cemetery is very interesting – as a pet lover I know how hard it is to say goodbye. We currently have a 5 year old schoodle dog and a 2 year old cat – lost our lovely old black cat at nearly 19 a couple of years back. We have a plaque in our garden though not a public cemetery! Looks like you had a lovely trip to North Wales! 🙂

    • Lots of people just explore the village Rosemary – and understandably as there is so much to see. We were lucky to have enough time to hike the woodlands and then explore the beach – we like to see and do as much as we can when we go somewhere!! What a good idea to have a plaque in your garden for your cat – we are thoroughly enraptured by our little 1 year old Bilbo cat who appeared with his mother as a stray – they definitely become one of the family very fast!! Hope your weekend is a good one.

      • It sounds like you had a fabulous time and were very busy on your Welsh travels Joy! Your cat sounds adorable – funny how cats appear we have never had to go and get one they just come to us (our current one came via a friend of our elder daughter’s). Both she and the dog are now our fur babies and very pampered! Did you keep the mother cat too? It’s pouring with rain here and we have booked an outing on a steam train with the family tomorrow – looking forward to it but it may well be a bit damp! Hope your weekend is a good one too 🙂

      • Our neighbours kept the mother cat so they live next door to each other but she is completely freaked out by him!! She seems to have had a tricky start somehow, she had a litter of kittens in our shed at Christmas, they went away and then she came back last summer with our little chap, not too sure what happened in the meantime but a rough looking tom (who looks just like our Bilbo) was around a lot. We had her neutered and our neighbours took her in – a happy ending for all Rosemary as both are very pampered kitties now!! Enjoy your steam train and hope the weather picks up.

      • A heartwarming story Joy – Bilbo and his mum have obviously landed on their kitty feet! Wonder what happened to his dad though?! We had a lovely day out on the steam train – our little granddaughters enjoyed it tremendously! The train goes from a little country town into the forest and we were very lucky with the weather as it was fine all day. It started raining on the drive home though and has been pouring down ever since!

      • Sounds perfect Rosemary – ideal it started to rain when you were just driving home!! We’ve had a drama with Bilbo now – he disappeared 2 days ago (very out of character) and no-one has seen any sign of him since, we’ve walked the neighbourhood and put up posters so just have to wait and see what happens, hopefully he’s just gone on an adventure!

      • Hi Joy only just checked my WordPress messages as was out all day yesterday babysitting – so sorry to hear that and do hope that Bilbo has turned up it’s horrible when they disappear. Our old cat, who passed away nearly 3 years ago (at nearly 19), was prone to going walkabout and it was so stressful. She always turned up again though – she was such a free spirit so really hope that Bilbo will come home very soon safe and sound (if not already back)! 🙂

  5. You visit such magical places, Joy. Your son is lucky to see so much of the world with you. I love the pet cemetery, it looks really peaceful.

  6. that’s a huge tree. a pet’s cemetery? We have one too in my town but it’s not actually officially in use even though it has gravestones and all.

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