Sunshine in Criccieth

Finally finally the sun decided to put in a (long overdue) appearance on our Wales trip – unsure how long it would stick around we were up and ready to make the most of it. A short drive from Porthmadog and we found ourselves in the gorgeous little seaside resort of Criccieth – a ruined castle on a hill, quaint streets and a pebbly beach – what more could you need.

05.03.036 - Cricieth

05.03.037 - Cricieth

We had a walk around and then made straight for that beach. The sun was still shining, but this is Wales and coats and layers were still necessary – better than being soaked through though. We strolled and explored, Son adored it here and found no end of treasures. Interesting pebbles for his “collection” but a dead eel and some jellyfish were probably the biggest hits.

05.03.047 - Cricieth

05.03.048 - Cricieth

05.03.049 - Cricieth

05.03.056 - Cricieth

Gorgeous views of the hills in the distance and the beach all to ourselves made it just perfect.

05.03.050 - Cricieth

05.03.054 - Cricieth

05.03.055 - Cricieth

On the drive back to Porthmadog we found a narrow country road – barely more than a track, took  it and were surrounded by rolling fields, sheep, lambs and stone walls. At the end of the road was another glorious beach – Black Rock Sands and quite the novelty for us, you could drive your car right onto the sand.

05.03.057 - Cricieth

A vast place, lots of kite flying going on but our favourite thing here was the rock pools.

We drove for quite a way along the sand – avoiding the sea unlike one mad driver – and loved the magnificent views. TE Lawrence of Lawrence of Arabia fame apparently lived nearby and the 14th century poet Shelley is reputed to have regularly visited – I can totally see why.

05.03.058 - Cricieth

05.03.059 - Cricieth

34 thoughts on “Sunshine in Criccieth

  1. So pleased you enjoyed a day of sunshine after all that rain. The beach looks very inviting and it must have been fun to park on the beach, but that other car was taking a risk. I can remember parking on the beach at Southport as the tide is always miles out there!

  2. Joy, finally you got sun! I always love to see beaches in other parts of the world, because our Gulf Coast beach is all sugar-sand with beautiful blue/green water! I can’t imagine driving a car on the beach! Looks like a lovely visit’

    • At long last Pam the sun did make its appearance and we were so grateful!! The beach here was great, not for soaking up the sun or relaxing but perfect for exploring and finding treasures!!

  3. By coincidence I went there just last week. Fabulous sunshine. Did you go to nearby Llanystumdyw and the grave of David Lloyd George? I wouldn’t have taken my car that close to the shoreline that’s for sure!

    • We didn’t unfortunately – time constraints and all that. We weren’t really even planning to go here, but when the sun came out we legged it to the car and headed for the beach. Need to go back again, would like to visit Lloyd George’s grave and more of the area.

    • The beaches here were mostly pebbly and not really golden sand – we like that though!! They have spectacular beaches on the Gower Peninsula if you like miles of golden sand.

  4. Another trip down memory lane for me Joy! I know we went to Criccieth on family holidays and Black Rock Sands rings a bell too! The drive on the beach looks awesome – so few people around too! Amazing views 🙂 Hope you’re having a lovely weekend 🙂

    • It’s a real gem of a place Rosemary – we didn’t know it at all but decided to take a drive out because the sun was shining – so glad we did, the beach was wonderful for strolling and such lovely views. We’re still shivering here in the UK, went to a Somme commemoration concert last night but had to leave early, it was so cold!! Hope your weather is better!!

      • Yes it looks a lovely place Joy and I’m quite sure we went there too – the name is so familiar and we definitely went to Criccieth 🙂 Oh dear that doesn’t sound good such a pity the weather was so poor for the Somme commemoration concert 😦 It’s cold here too especially at night but it is mid winter! We have had a roaring wood fire going this evening – it’s lovely 🙂 Thought I was going to have to come over again as my mum has been very ill the past week but she has made a recovery so all seems back on an even keel for the time being 🙂 Hope you have a lovely week and summer returns! 🙂

      • So sorry to hear about your mum Rosemary, I know it must be incredibly difficult at tough times like that to be so far away, you feel so helpless. My mum became ill last summer and sadly passed away, we are nowhere near as far as you but it still felt so hard not being there all the time. We are keeping our fingers crossed for summer to come back too – not happening yet though!!

      • So sorry to hear about your mum’s passing last summer Joy – it is hard when you can’t be there all the time too even though you were nearer than us. The situation is changing each day so you don’t know what to think. I did see my mum recently so that is a blessing. We have been here before and she’s picked up so I will play it by ear re coming over but at this stage will stay put here. Doesn’t sound to be much of a summer for you so far – I know Mlle was working at a music festival last weekend in Brighton and the car park was a mud heap! Hope that the sum reappears soon for you! 🙂

  5. Stunning photos. What a view! I’m glad the sun came our for you even though it was still chilly. Although I do love being on the beach all wrapped up! I’ve never been to this part of Wales… Criccieth looks wonderful.

    • It is a gorgeous little place – the beach is just perfect for exploring and finding treasures!! I know what you mean about being wrapped up at the beach too – it’s fun.

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