Waterfalls, Lakes And Caves At The Stone Monastery

After lunch we spent our afternoon exploring the gorgeous gardens and grounds of the Monasterio de Piedra. Simply stunning, even though we did have to share it with crowds of others –  well worth it to see this lush and tropical place.

04.02.028 - Waterfalls

04.02.030 - Waterfalls

There is a marked trail that takes you all the way around – it took us about two hours of leisurely sauntering and we wound our way around waterfalls, past lakes and through some caves.

04.02.033 - Waterfalls

04.02.038 - Waterfalls

A bit like a Garden of Eden, I was not expecting anything like this here. Everywhere is lush and green, water all around and even a 197 foot waterfall. Apparently the original monks inhabited the site because they wanted a “foretaste of paradise.” I see what they meant.

04.02.041 - Waterfalls

04.02.046 - Waterfalls

We bought a pack of fish food for 1 Euro on the way in – highly recommended as feeding the enormous fish at different places was definitely one of Son’s highlights.

04.02.067 - Stone Monastery

We picked the red marked pathway which meandered through the grounds. Views from all different levels, we explored tunnels and stairways from the 19th century.

04.02.055 - Waterfalls

Some steps led down to an iris grotto and we found this, and plenty of other quiet and secluded retreats despite those crowds. We explored a network of mossy caves, both natural and manmade and saw waterfalls and lagoons. The tallest waterfall is Horsetail – more than 50 metres high. We climbed to the top and watched it hurtle into the lakes below.

04.02.059 - Waterfalls

04.02.062 - Waterfalls

Walking along the valley floor was stunning too – just when you think you’ve seen it all there is another incredible view right around the corner.

04.02.071 - Stone Monastery

04.02.072 - Stone Monastery

04.02.077 - Stone Monastery

56 thoughts on “Waterfalls, Lakes And Caves At The Stone Monastery

    • Isn’t it incredible Pam – something about waterfalls that is so intriguing and compelling and these were wonderful!! I don’t post too many pictures of us but couldn’t resist this one!

    • It’s a great place to visit – the monastery and ruins are so interesting and the grounds are stunning. Apparently though it is always busy but then probably not surprising!

  1. Great photos of the falls, Joy. It seems like such a tranquil place, somewhere you can relax for hours. Great photo of you and your son, also..:)

  2. Looks a beautiful place Joy – can see why the monks chose this location for their monastery. The waterfalls are amazing – must have been lovely wandering around even with the other visitors around. Great idea to take along some fish food too for your son to feed the fish. This isn’t the sort of lush place I’d typically associate with inland Spain either – looks a great find! Hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂

    • It really is gorgeous Rosemary, I love waterfalls anyway, this place fits the bill for that. We had such a lovely afternoon strolling and taking in all those views, the fish feeding was a big hit needless to say!! Hope you have got over your jetlag and are feeling back to normal again for the weekend. We still have sunshine but it is supposed to turn a lot cooler again….

      • Lovely photo of you and your son too Joy – looks an idyllic walk 🙂 Am much more into a routine again – jetlag always seems to hit us worse coming home! Don’t know whether it’s to do with flying west to east, which is supposed to be harder on the body or just because you’re coming home! It’s rainy here today though the sun has just come out now. We had a run of very cold nights (down to 4 degrees earlier in the week) so lit the wood fire a few times plus had to turn the heating on but it’s milder with the rain now. Mustn’t complain though as it is autumn and makes a refreshing change from the summer heat. Last weekend sounded wonderful – Mlle was outside sunbathing! Enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts – hopefully for the weekend at least! 🙂

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