Germany, Italy and America On Our Last Day in Epcot

Our last day in Epcot and we had three countries left to explore – first up was Germany. A bit like a fairytale world, it is designed to look like a German town but with architecture from different eras and regions. Son was on a mission though, Karamel-Kueche was calling out to him so that was our first stop. A bakery with all manner of good things even if you aren’t hungry or tempted, it is worth going inside just for the delicious smell.

10.30.018 - Germany

Right next to the bakery is the Christmas shop but it was so packed we didn’t linger and spent our time instead browsing in the Stein shop. We also adored the cuckoo clocks and of course, Son made a beeline for the toy shop.

10.30.020 - Germany

10.30.021 - Germany

We made it outside just as the clock tower struck the hour and saw the two Hummel figures come out – a bit like the Glockenspiel in Munich. We checked out St George on top of the fountain slaying a dragon too.

10.30.019 - Germany

As we left Germany and made our way to Italy we had a look at the cute miniature trains winding their way through the hillside.

Italy seemed to be very much modeled on St Mark’s Square in Venice,Β Son was excited to spy gondolas on the water too.

10.30.025 - Italy

10.30.024 - Italy

The piazza had lots of statues and the lion of St Mark.

10.30.027 - Italy

10.30.028 - Italy

We watched Sergio, a great mime artist and juggler and yet again Son was picked to join in a little which made his day.

10.30.029 - Italy

10.30.030 - Italy

To finish up we saw a display of Italian flag throwing – it was actually far more impressive than it sounds.

10.30.034 - Italy

10.30.035 - Italy

Our day ended listening to a jazz band playing American classics in the American pavilion and then came the American Adventure. This is housed in an incredible Colonial style building with artwork on the walls and moving quotes. We walked through the Hall of Flags and then into the theatre to see this show. Very patriotic, they use animatronic figures and a huge screen to give a summary of American history in about 25 minutes. A mixture of motion pictures and action on stage, we thought it was great and very clever.

10.30.040 - American Adventure

We lingered for a short while outside listening to a concert then a quick caipirinha at a Mexican food truck before it was time to leave. Another perfect day in World Showcase.

10.30.041 - Eat To the Beat

48 thoughts on “Germany, Italy and America On Our Last Day in Epcot

  1. I love Epcot! It is probably most diverse of all Orlando parks. It gives you unique feeling of traveling different countries… Lovely photos, very realistic..

  2. I really liked Germany and I like the pastries in France, which I forgot to mention earlier….:) I think everyone should spend one day in each country just sampling their food..:)

  3. You packed so much into your trip Joy – it all looks wonderful to me and I can imagine the gorgeous aromas in the German bakery! Your son must have been thrilled to get picked again to join in Sergio’s show! Epcot looks an amazing place to visit for children and adults alike! Hope you have a wonderful Easter break πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your time at Epcot – particularly love the photos of Germany as the architecture reminds me of my year abroad spent in Alsace! Looks like a great way to get a taste of so many countries in one place!

  5. Joy, what a wonderful finale of the Showcase! I have collected Hummels for years, so I found the clock interesting! Venice is a favorite city of mine, and of course the good ole USA! So glad you all enjoyed!

  6. Oh definitely looking like a quaint little town there. And I’ll head to the toy shop too! Definitely want to see what’s in store. There were little trains in the hillside too? Sounds like a great sight!

  7. I love the photo of the gondolas – if it wasn’t for the epcott centre in the background you really wouldn’t know it wasn’t Venice! Germany looks really fun – I am just imagining the smells of the bakery now!

  8. I was at EPCOT with my girls during the Food and Wine Festival. It was so much fun to go from country to country tasting different foods. It was our first time tasting escargot and baklava. 5 years later we celebrated a birthday with baklava instead of cake, it’s a family favorite! What a magical way to get a taste of culture!

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