Another Day At World Showcase

Another day at Epcot World Showcase and another selection of countries to visit – we decided to opt for France first of all.

10.27.043 - France

Strolling across the Pont des Arts footbridge with the Eiffel Tower in the background, it did feel a little like the waterfront of the Seine with flower carts and artists around.

10.27.044 - France

10.27.046 - France

The French pavilion is supposed to reflect Paris and its ambiance during the Belle Epoque. Various different styles of architecture were in evidence and we strolled through a tree lined courtyard to the Eiffel Tower. This is an exact one tenth scale replica of the real thing and was apparently built using Eiffel’s original blueprints.

10.27.047 - France

Son especially enjoyed browsing in all the shops here and we all appreciated Impressions de France – a film showcasing the different regions of the country with a soundtrack of French classical music. It lasted about 15 minutes and was shown in the lovely Palais de Cinema. Spectacular views of Cannes, the Seine and the Alps amongst other places whetted our appetites for a French expedition some time soon.

10.27.053 - France

Son’s highlight though was the Serveur Amusant acrobats – a really fun and funny street show with a mix of comedy and acrobatic stunts. They even picked him from the crowd to help out a little – he was more than happy about that.

10.31.029 - France

10.31.030 - France

10.31.034 - France

After France we made our way to Morocco. The pavilion there is designed to look like a Moroccan city, all brightly coloured with lots of nooks and crannies. Mouth-wateringly delicious aromas were wafting from the restaurant but we resisted. A peek in the recreation of a Moroccan house was interesting and we loved mooching around the souk. An incredible carpet shop full of wall hangings, rugs and prayer mats was my highlight. Son bought himself a puppet with some holiday cash and tried out a fez for size.

10.27.057 - Morocco

10.27.059 - Morocco

10.27.061 - Morocco

10.27.066 - Morocco

10.27.069 - Morocco

10.27.071 - Morocco

10.27.078 - Morocco

10.27.080 - Morocco

We watched some talented Moroccan dancers accompanied by a band playing traditional music – a fitting end to our time in Morocco.

10.27.085 - Morocco

Last but not least we had just enough time to take a quick walk around Japan and immerse ourselves in all things Japanese before calling it a day.

10.31.035 - Japan

10.31.039 - Japan

10.31.040 - Japan

25 thoughts on “Another Day At World Showcase

  1. Morocco was one of my favourites along with Mexico and Norway. Of all the countries at the EPCOT World Showcase the Morocco Pavilion was the only one in which the country’s government aided in the construction and they did this so that they could retain some measure of Islamist control over the design of the mosaics and to ensure that everything was as authentic as possible in the representation of the Muslim faith. It is even said that the designers insisted on imperfections being built in because only Allah is perfect!

    • I remember reading about that in your Epcot post – the fact the Moroccan government got involved. It definitely has a different feel to the rest of the countries and their offerings, it felt authentic I thought and more special. It’s now obvious why that is!

  2. Love the France movie, stunning visuals and stunning music. The Moroccan restaurant, I think it is called Marrakesh, is one of our favorites. The food is great, the decor is pretty, and the atmosphere is wonderful. Definitely put it on your list for next time!

    • It smelt delicious – we had already eaten bits and pieces from other places so decided to give it a miss. Good to know you rate it though – sounds like we definitely must try it next time!

  3. It does look as if you could actually be wandering around a souk in Morocco Joy! Such attention to detail! Your son looks so happy to be picked out by the Serveur Amusant acrobats to help with their show – I would have been hiding behind a tree or something hoping not to be noticed! Great way to showcase different countries and cultures from around the world! 🙂

    • Our son seems to beam out pick me vibes at this sort of thing, no idea where he gets it from my husband and I would be behind the tree too Rosemary!! The Moroccan pavilion was incredible, such attention to detail and so intricate, I loved it.

      • Obviously a natural born performer Joy – am sure he’ll go far! Our younger daughter was a bit like that too – she’s in the music industry now definitely doesn’t get that from Monsieur or myself! I would have loved the Moroccan pavilion too – the decorations and ambiance there look so lovely! 🙂

  4. That’s why the Americans do it so well don’t they? Looking at your photos, you would truly believe it was Paris, Morocco and Japan! It’s great for kids to experience this and get a sense of different culture and architecture. A mini travel adventure in one place!

    • It was really great, the attention to detail everywhere is superb right down to having people from those countries working in the pavilions who chat to you. Great fun but also quite educational.

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