EPCOT – The Land

We spent a huge chunk of the day at EPCOT in The Land – at nearly 6 acres it is huge and the largest pavilion in Future World. There are a couple of shows, a ride and the Sunshine Seasons Food Court – we thought this was a great place to get lunch at Walt Disney World.

10.23.011 - The Land

Before we went inside much fun and laughter with these dancing fountains…

10.23.023 - Jumping Fountains

Son wanted to check out the shows when we arrived and opted for Circle of Life first. This is a 20 minute film with Simba all about environmental responsibility, a mix of animation and live wildlife footage, it is told in very simple terms. Quite interesting but more than that for me it was a great place for a rest and slow down.

10.23.019 - The Land

Living With The Land boat ride was next for us. We joined a really long line and just waited in turn. I remembered loving this on our last Epcot visit, it is still good but didn’t have the same wow factor. They used to have a live guide travelling in each boat giving an informative commentary, now they have replaced the person with a recording. That takes something away I think.

10.23.020 - The Land

It is a nice, relaxing boat journey, lasts about 15 minutes and takes you through a tropical rainforest, a desert and the plains of America. We passed through a whole host of different greenhouses after that, heard about farming in the past and future and got an overview of Hydroponics and Aquaculture.

10.23.042 - Behind the Seeds

10.23.043 - Behind the Seeds

They have a fish farm and loads of fruit and vegetables growing in the greenhouses – makes sense this is a Disney restaurant supplier. Son was interested to see how coffee, tomatoes and rice could be grown in soil less environments.

10.23.027 - Behind the Seeds

10.23.028 - Behind the Seeds

10.23.032 - Behind the Seeds

Time for lunch after all that, we grabbed sandwiches in the (very busy) food court but were all in agreement this was probably the best food we had eaten inside the Disney parks.

Behind The Seeds Tour was something we’d read about earlier in the morning, figured it sounded interesting and booked 3 spots. No issue with availability, tours leave every 45 minutes all through the day. We booked for late afternoon, $20 each for the three of us was a bit steep I thought but this was a new experience.

There were about 15 people on our tour, a mixture of adults and children and we met our guide, an intern, who took us on a walking tour through all those greenhouses. She was excellent – very well informed and great with the children.

10.23.034 - Behind the Seeds

She took the children to a big “fridge” and gave them their own little pot of ladybirds which they then released – a good form of pest control.  We all got to taste a variety of the fruit and vegetables growing there – no chance to try the 9lb lemon though!

10.23.031 - Behind the Seeds

10.23.037 - Behind the Seeds

The children fed some of the fish, got close up with the alligators and we all got the lowdown on how they grow exotic crops and mind blowingly gigantic fruit and vegetables without soil. All very educational, lively and fun it was just the way to end our day in The Land.

10.23.036 - Behind the Seeds

10.23.039 - Behind the Seeds

10.23.041 - Behind the Seeds

10.23.044 - Behind the Seeds

30 thoughts on “EPCOT – The Land

    • I remembered the boat ride but not much else about this area. The tour is new, I suppose a chance to make (more) money out of people but we did enjoy the look behind the scenes.

  1. I found the Land section rather limp and it was down to me to engage the kids in the learning since the recording wasn’t cutting the mustard. Reading your post, it seems we might have done better to stump up the fee for the tour so as to get something out of the experience.

    • I know exactly what you mean Laura. I did think it was a bit steep for the tour but that said we all enjoyed it, the intern was great as a guide and we did get so much more out of the day than if we hadn’t done it.

  2. These parks you visit are vast, utterly vast, in comparison to anything I’ve experienced, they are so educational and fun, and I’ll have to get over there!

    • The fruit is definitely real – unbelievable isn’t it – we could hardly lift it!! The Land pavilion and the pyramids have been there for a long time but definitely easy to miss, there is so much to see here!

    • Absolutely, my view entirely!! We all really enjoyed seeing what goes on behind the scenes and finding out about all the new gardening and growing techniques they use here – all of us learned a lot!!

  3. This looks very educational Joy and some really important themes on managing to grow crops in poor soils etc. What a great way to engage children too. This is definitely not what I’d associate with a Disney park at all – have found it so interesting! Hope you had a good week – I have just been Skyping the family (my dad and then our daughter – it sounds rather cold!). Opposite here a couple of hot days on the way before rain and cooler weather. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend 🙂

    • That’s what I really like about Epcot Rosemary, there are fun rides and experiences but it is all very educational as well – for young and old!! We loved this tour and learned so much, it was fascinating. We’ve had mixed weather this week, bitterly cold but now it seems to have turned milder. We were all set for a nice day out today but our son has come down with a bug – typical!! Looks like we won’t be making the most of the blink of sunshine. Hope your weekend is a good one – make the most of the sun!!

      • Oh sorry to hear that your son isn’t well Joy – hope he feels much better soon and you don’t go down with it either! Yes I’ll certainly be making the most of our sunshine – realise how easy it is to take it for granted. Our daughter in London was a bit down about the weather when we spoke earlier – although things are going very well for her in London she really misses our climate! We, on the other hand, are looking forward to the cooler months and getting our woollies out and lighting the fire again! I have been sorting out my warmer clothes for our upcoming trip – I will certainly need them after a Perth summer! Hope your son feels better soon and maybe you can get out and about tomorrow! 🙂

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