Watery Fun At Blizzard Beach

Another trip away from the theme park madness, we decided to spend a chilled out day at Blizzard Beach, one of the two Disney water parks in Orlando. This is a 66 acre attraction, inspired by a ski resort with skis and snow references just about everywhere you look. Son loves nothing more than a day messing around in the water, Husband can take or leave water parks, I am firmly in the leave it camp but we did actually all enjoy our day here. The boys had stacks of fun and I used the time to catch up with reading and relaxing.

10.24.046 - Blizzard Beach

The water parks don’t open until 10 so a lazier morning than normal as we didn’t feel the need to be here from the off. The car park was fairly empty when we arrived, I guess in late October, although it was plenty hot enough for us sun starved Brits, for the natives and others used to warmer climes it would perhaps be a little chilly. The benefit for us was no lines at all, no issues finding a nice shady spot to park our bags and belongings for the day and a very chilled out atmosphere.

10.24.002 - Blizzard Beach

We took a stroll around first to plan our day – beautifully landscaped paths and walkways, the whole place was immaculate and so peaceful.

10.24.006 - Blizzard Beach10.24.004 - Blizzard Beach

Mount Gushmore is the snow capped 90 feet high peak and the centrepiece of the park. On top of this is the launch pad for Summit Plummit – apparently one of the world’s tallest and fastest free falling rides. It is 120 feet tall, 13 storeys high and you go straight down at 60 miles per hour. Not my idea of fun. They recommend ladies wear a one piece bathing suit to eliminate the risk of the top of a bikini arriving at the bottom before the owner. Son and Husband did it and both emerged intact with swimming gear in the right place.

10.24.010 - Blizzard Beach

We also took a ride on the chair-lift – a one way trip to the top of the mountain and then a slide back down again. Great views of the park and surrounding area from up top.

10.24.042 - Blizzard Beach

10.24.043 - Blizzard Beach

Ski Patrol Training Camp was a big hit with Son. Several attractions in close proximity but he loved the floating icebergs and ice berg walks and the biggest thumbs up was the T-Bar. This zips you down into 9 feet of water. Apparently lifeguard rescues happen here several times a day because children (and parents) don’t realise the water is so deep.

10.24.022 - Blizzard Beach

10.24.025 - Blizzard Beach

10.24.030 - Blizzard Beach

10.24.031 - Blizzard Beach

We rode Teamboat Springs together and experienced twisting and cascading waterfalls in a very large family raft. Next up was Cross Country Creek where we hopped into a tube each and floated around the 3,000 foot creek encircling the park. It takes 30 minutes to do a full circuit but is so nice and relaxing – except for the shock of icy dripping water in the ice cave.

10.24.012 - Blizzard Beach

The ground gets super hot and slippery, we were very glad to have remembered our water shoes. Equally for using the bathrooms – the floors did not look so nice and I was pleased not to be in bare feet.

Husband and Son spent the rest of the afternoon on the slides and rides while I plonked myself in the shade on a sun lounger with my book – a win win situation.

10.24.017 - Blizzard Beach

10.24.045 - Blizzard Beach

We stayed until the bitter end and closing time arrived far too soon for Son. After much step-climbing and racing around we dragged our weary bodies back to the car all in agreement – Blizzard Beach was a blast.

50 thoughts on “Watery Fun At Blizzard Beach

    • That is exactly my view on it all!! I used to do more when our son was younger, but for (years now) he has been a better swimmer than me so can sit most of it out!! That suits me, a shady spot and a good book and I’m happy.

  1. Can’t believe how empty the place looks in your photos- last time I visited it was positively heaving! I did Summit Plummit back when I was a fearless teenager and remember being very glad for my one-piece suit! Looks like you guys had a blast!

    • It was loads of fun – definitely helped though by the lack of crowds, some people around but it was far from packed. I guess in late October it’s a good time to visit if you want to avoid lines and have it mostly to yourself!!

  2. My husband and kids would completely love that place. We have been to several indoor pools where they have fun things like obstacle courses and rafting and things but obviously nothing approaching this scale. I can imagine them spending a whole day messing about in the water. I would be like you and would enjoy watching them while reading a book.

    • It’s great for boys to burn off just a little bit of that excess energy! Our son had such a great time here, I think he would have spent all day every day of this holiday at a water park. I on the other hand would not but I made great progress with my book!!

  3. I can understand why your son would have been in seventh heaven here Joy! So would my husband and daughters when they were smaller (the daughters that is) – I on the other hand would have been sunning myself in the shade with a good book like you in the afternoon. Summit Plummit sounds amazing for those that like that sort of thing – good thing they advise on the one piece costumes as I once had an unfortunate experience in Noosa (Queensland) when I made a rare attempt at trying body boarding in the surf (not a good idea in a bikini as I found out)!! Great post and packed with info for anyone planning a visit. Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

  4. This looks like so much fun! We had to skip the water parks for time restraints when we went to Disney last year. I will be adding them to the list for next time after seeing how awesome they are.

    • Sometimes you just can’t fit everything in and do it all but if you have a spare day here and there it’s a great idea to visit the waterparks. They are relaxing for a start but loads of fun and so nicely landscaped, definitely worth a spot on the list!!

  5. That looks like so much fun! Definitely will need to add that to the ever growing lists of things to do! LOL. Awesome article. 😉

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