Airboating At Boggy Creek

A break from Disney and the chance to so something completely different, we were excited as we drove out of Kissimmee and headed for Boggy Creek and an airboat ride. Husband and I had tried this out here years ago, I don’t remember much except that it was a lot of fun. The three of us also had an airboat ride a while ago in the Everglades where we spotted no end of alligators. This time though the whole thing was a freebie, thrown in as an extra by the company where we bought our theme park tickets so nothing to lose if the alligators didn’t make their appearance.

10.26.028 - Boggy Creek

A lovely drive on a Sunday morning, it took us about 45 minutes from our Kissimmee condo and we passed through pleasant countryside, saw cattle farms and no end of quaint houses, a whole different experience to Disney.

10.26.026 - Bobby Creek

We found the Boggy Creek Airboat place very easily, checked in and got on the first boat at 10.15. Apparently you can spot alligators, racoons, bald eagles and more here – however this was the wildlife spotting forecast for our excursion….

10.26.003 - Boggy Creek

The boats are big, flat bottomed vessels with huge propellers at the back. We sat in the front row, once everyone had climbed on board and had their ear protectors in place we set off. It is super noisy, I was very glad of the earphones provided, glad too we had slathered ourselves with suncream and had hats rammed on our heads that would not easily come off.

10.26.001 - Boggy Creek

We skimmed over the surface of the lake at breath-taking speed – a real thrill, as the droplets of water sprayed up and hit us.

10.26.006 - Boggy Creek

Gorgeous views but the wildlife…. well we spotted a couple of birds and one cow. Alligators were in short supply that Sunday morning.

10.26.010 - Boggy Creek

10.26.011 - Boggy Creek

The guide stopped the boat in the middle of the lake, turned off the propeller and told us a stack of interesting snippets of information about the trees and wildlife. He was very entertaining and despite no alligators, I found the whole thing fascinating.

10.26.012 - Boggy Creek

10.26.013 - Boggy Creek

We zoomed back to base, another thrilling high-speed ride and then all too soon our airboat experience was over. Son and Husband loved the whole thing, I enjoyed it but did find the noise and vibration mixed with the extremely bright sunshine on the middle of the lake all quite intense and just a teeny bit uncomfortable.

We did see an alligator – eventually – although not in the lake. A man was waiting with a 2 year old baby to greet us as we stepped off the boat. Son bought some alligator food and fed some more little ones they had in big tanks nearby.

10.26.014 - Boggy Creek

10.26.015 - Boggy Creek

A bit of ambling around where we checked out a little turtle pool and a critter area was fun before it was time to leave.

10.26.025 - Boggy Creek

10.26.027 - Boggy Creek

44 thoughts on “Airboating At Boggy Creek

  1. Gorgeous pictures – the one of the bird is excellent. This little side trip is exactly the kind of thing we love to do. Thanks for sharing (as always so we can live vicariously!)

  2. Sorry you didn’t get to see any alligators Joy but it does look to be a great excursion and a complete contrast to the theme parks. Hope you didn’t too sunburnt though! You took some great photos as well despite the bumpy and noisy ride! 🙂

    • The alligators would have been an added bonus but we didn’t mind at all Rosemary, we really enjoyed the thrill of the boat ride, that was enough this time!! I am an expert at suncream coverage, I have such fair skin that I burn with just a blink of sun, now I make sure that never happens!!

  3. That looks like a lovely trip and a welcome break from all the theme park chaos. I would love to go out on an airboat to explore the Everglades but in two trips to Florida I have never yet managed to accomplish it. Some day.

    • It’s loads of fun Laura – your boys would love it too!! We enjoyed this one but have had a longer ride in the Everglades when we stayed in Miami and the wildlife spotting was incredible. We didn’t see much on this one but still had a blast.

  4. What an interesting adventure! Love the pix too – the landscape is so different from the Californian and Italian landscapes that I’m most used to.

  5. A baby alligator is better than no alligator, must have been nice and such a great experience. I did a river and jeep safari in British Columbia (late September post) it was truly fantastic and I can relate to some aspects of your adventure, take care.

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