An Afternoon of Beer And Brewing

Husband is more than a bit partial to the odd beer or two. Son is more than a bit partial to machinery and finding out how things work. Neither of these particularly rock my boat but I tagged along with them on this trip which combined both their things and we ended up having an all round good afternoon at Robinsons Brewery in Stockport. A peek behind the scenes to find out how they brew and make beer was definitely more engaging than I was expecting.

02.15.001 - Robinsons Brewery

We booked a couple of weeks in advance on their website to do the tour on a Sunday afternoon. They had various slots available, we picked what seemed to be the last one at 2.30 pm and I had in my head that it would probably be just us. Wrong. There were about 25 other people including other children, this was way more popular than I thought.

02.15.031 - Robinsons Brewery

We parked on the road outside and had a little bit of time so decided to explore the area. The Robinsons brewery building is beautiful – red brick, Victorian with a prominent position on the Stockport skyline.

02.15.002 - Robinsons Brewery

The Robinson family have been brewing beer here since 1838 and own over 300 pubs around the North West of England and Wales. They brew 3 million pints of beer every year and the whole thing is still a family concern. We learned all this and more in the brand new visitor area. Very swish inside, there is a fascinating display about the family, loads of information on the brewing process and some quirky souvenirs on sale. Son enjoyed the interactive things including the “build your own perfect pub.”

02.15.003 - Robinsons Brewery

02.15.005 - Robinsons Brewery

02.15.030 - Robinsons Brewery

Our tour guide was excellent – very informative and interesting as well as thoroughly down to earth. He took us first across the road to meet the shire horses. Almost as famous as the brewery itself, these two beauties were chilled out and relaxed. They are two of the last brewery working Shire horses left in the country.

02.15.008 - Robinsons Brewery

02.15.010 - Robinsons Brewery

02.15.012 - Robinsons Brewery

02.15.013 - Robinsons Brewery

After that it was on to the tour proper. We made our way through the factory and heard all about the brewing process. Son was in his element. We saw their new machinery sitting side by side with the original brewing equipment.

02.15.020 - Robinsons Brewery

02.15.021 - Robinsons Brewery

02.15.022 - Robinsons Brewery

A very interesting explanation about hops and malt with a tasting session – we got to try some, yeuch is all I can say.

02.15.016 - Robinsons Brewery

A look in the fermenting room then the tour ended (where else) in the bar area with a chance to sample some of Robinsons finest cask ales. Again, definitely not to my taste but Husband was very happy. Drinking his and mine went down very well.

02.15.024 - Robinsons Brewery

02.15.025 - Robinsons Brewery

02.15.028 - Robinsons Brewery

40 thoughts on “An Afternoon of Beer And Brewing

  1. What a great place, not the sort of visit I would have considered either, but you’ve made it look very interesting Joy 🙂 And I love the photo of the horseshoes, it truly shows the size and strength of the old shire horses! My Dad enjoys a pint of Robinsons whenever they are up in the Manchester area 🙂

    • I loved those horseshoes too, you know the shire horses are big but this shows just how huge!! Not my idea of a perfect day but I did really enjoy it in the end. Sometimes with a machinery mad son you end up in the most unusual places, but there’s always something to be gained!! I have to say though, I don’t think I will ever acquire a taste for Robinsons….

  2. Looks charming–would be a great day out. We used to live close to Black Sheep Brewery (Masham, N Yorkshire), and they offered a tour and had a great bistro. I was more partial to lunch and a pint at the bistro by the fire, than to the tour and tasting–but it’s all good. My favorite memory of the Black Sheep is booking lunches with St. Nick a couple of years running at the Christmas season. This would never happen in the States–a pub and brewery with Santa. What a great time that was for everyone!!

    • There was a great little restaurant here too serving what looked like delicious food – we didn’t try it out as we were too late:( Christmas with Santa at the brewery definitely sounds good – keeping young and old happy!!

  3. You wouldn’t associate shire horses with a beer factory would you? What a nice surprise. I didn’t realise the Robinson brewery was in Stockport. It’s great when you think you’re not going to enjoy it and it turns out to be the opposite. I’m more of a wine drinker myself, but wouldn’t have minded trying all the beer!

  4. I’ve had so much Robinsons beer, but never thought of doing the tour! Most of the pubs by us are owned by them, and I like brewing beer, so I probably should. Looks like a great day out!

  5. This looks like a very good tour! I’m like your son–I love these tours with history and machines and all. We went to Laphroiag, a Scotch distillery on Islay, and I just LOVED the tour!

    • That sounds like it would be a great one to do – we have done the tour of Bushmills but never been to a Scottish distillery. This tour was especially good for machinery nuts as it had the original old stuff right next to the latest machines, something I found really interesting.

  6. This is so cool! Love that it’s so family-friendly. Wouldn’t expect that. Funny, my brother told me I should check out local breweries in my area that you can take kids to..for a post..but not sure there are many with tours like these. Love it!

  7. A brewery tour with free samples after…Heck, yeah it’s going to be popular! I’ll bet if sent them a link to your blog post, they’d give you even more free beer 🙂

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