A Sunny Saturday in Liverpool

A day out in Liverpool with a difference, we decided to bring our bikes. Previous visits to this great maritime city have involved much pavement pounding but when I read about a traffic-free cycle route into the heart of the city, we decided to give this a try. Parking five miles outside the centre in Otterspool we cycled on a wide, flat promenade right next to the River Mersey. Easy and hassle-free as well as completely safe with children, we totally loved this different way of reaching the centre.

08.23.01 - Otterspool

Cycle racks aplenty at the vast Arena building we decided to leave our bikes here and do the rest of our exploring on foot. It starts to get a lot more crowded, people everywhere and a Son who does not always pay attention to what is right in front of him on a bike helped with this choice.

09.29.17 - The Arena

09.29.16 - Wake boarding by the cathedral

Just a little way further along from the Arena is the wonderful Albert Dock, always buzzing and busy, no change there on this sunny, bright day. Magnificent architecture and a huge collection of Grade 1 listed buildings, we just wandered around soaking up the scenery and checking out the boats before briefly popping into the Tate Liverpool gallery for a quick browse and refreshments in their lovely café.

09.29.22 - Albert Docks

09.29.24 - Liverpool

08.23.06 - Liverpool

08.23.17 - Liverpool

On towards the Pier Head and that most glorious skyline with the Three Graces – the Royal Liver Building, The Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building. This is my favourite part of this city, I love these majestic and grand buildings. Son loves the Liver Birds sitting atop the clock towers – one apparently is female looking out to sea for her sailor husband to return; the other is male looking across to the city checking out when the pubs are open.

08.23.13 - Liverpool

09.29.27 - Liver Birds

09.29.33 - Liverpool

09.29.28 - Liverpool

We found so much going on and a real festival atmosphere. Son was happy to be a magician’s assistant, checked out some intriguing cow statues and then used binoculars to take a closer look at a huge cruise ship docked nearby. The ferry going across the Mersey also sparked a bit of interest.

08.23.16 - Liverpool

09.29.31 - Liverpool

09.29.15 - Liverpool

08.23.10 - Liverpool

08.23.11 - Liverpool

Right in the centre of the city we found a zipwire, high above a shopping street with no end of people lining up to partake of this thrill ride. Son was keen to try it out, I was more than a bit relieved he fell well under the weight restriction, something for another time.

08.23.18 - Liverpool

Close to the main shopping area was a “beach”, music playing and sand everywhere, we decided to have a quick drink and a bit of beach chilling before it was back to our bikes and that five mile cycle back to Otterspool.

08.23.19 - Liverpool

08.23.20 - Liverpool

47 thoughts on “A Sunny Saturday in Liverpool

      • England in general is on the list as we have seen very little of it so far. We have been to York, Bristol, Bath, London, Cambridge, Oxford and driving in between but on highways so seeing nothing. We do need to one day plan a trip in that country!

  1. Being a huge fan of the Beatles I have always wanted to visit Liverpool. Though I must say, your pictures and words make it look much more inviting than every other picture I have seen. I think maybe I have always pictures the black and white pictures from the past, where everything looked dismal and dingy. Now I definitely have to go! Thanks Joy, again, you inspire my traveling bones. 🙂

    • Down by the waterfront it is really vibrant and lively – the whole city is very lively to be honest. I love the Beatles too, keep meaning to do the sites connected with them when we go to Liverpool but somehow we seem to get side tracked with other things!!

  2. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been to Liverpool! It looks like a wonderful city, and so much to see and do. I like the idea of riding bikes, that’s definitely our way of exploring. I can see why you were relieved about the zip wire, but boy does it look fun! I’d love to give that a go!

  3. Once again, you had me with the boats! Love travelling vicariously with you – it’s the perfect antidote for fall doldrums… Lots of inspiration for daydream holidays!

  4. Ok, now I now have competing ear worms! Ferry ‘cross the Mersey and The Liver Birds (You dancing? You asking? I’m asking. I’m dancing.) I guess I’m showing my age with both of those! I’ve only been to Liverpool once, in the 80s when a friend was a doctor there. It wasn’t the best time to go so we really should try again sometime. You’ve brought out its attractions well.

    • My mum loved the Liver Birds – I remember vaguely watching but I do remember those phrases!! We really enjoyed our day out, it definitely helped that the sun was shining but there is so much to see and do I think whatever the weather would be a good time to visit Liverpool.

  5. Really like the picture of the magician’s assistant, your son. I also really like the zip line. I looked for a nice picture of you enjoying your bike ride or at the beach restaurant.

    • The weather was great that day – always helps, unfortunately the beach and zip line aren’t there all the time but there is still loads to see and do. We always have a great time when we visit!!

  6. Joy, I loved this post because we were in Liverpool over the summer and it was a great surprise of a city! The Albert Dock, the museums, the Three Graces were spectacular and of course, we had to visit some Beatles sights! Thanks for the opportunity to see it through your eyes and by way of a bicycle. We pounded the pavement! Blessings!

    • I remember your posts Pam, noted down the Beatles places, something we must do sometime!! Isn’t it a great city, like you say surprisingly lovely, we thoroughly enjoyed our day out and the bike ride was so much fun!

  7. Have obviously heard about Liverpool, but never really read anything about it. It’s really interesting to see a zipline in the middle of a city! It looks like a nice place to visit. 🙂

  8. I had Ferry Cross the Mersey running through my head as I read your post (showing my age?) so I was glad when it made an appearance. The liver birds intrigued me. I assume they are named for the city, not a real thing?

    • We had the same song in our heads too as soon as we saw it!! I think the birds are named for the city although you pronounce it differently, they are the symbol of Liverpool and pop up everywhere.

  9. Looks a fabulous day out Joy! I’ve only ever been to Liverpool once many years ago when I was a student and Monsieur LC has just reminded me it was for a football game – FA Cup Liverpool v Spurs (his team!). Spurs lost 1-0 apparently, which I don’t remember but I do remember the docklands area. We walked round there and had lunch at one of the pubs. It was just starting to be developed back then in the 80s but it looks as if there’a a whole lot more going on there now – well worth seeing! Hope you’ve recovered from your travels – it always takes me time to get back into the swing of things after a trip! Have a lovely weekend too 🙂

    • Your husband sounds like mine Rosemary – perfect recollection of football matches and the scores even from years ago. That sort of thing never sticks in my mind!! Liverpool is great now, so many changes and improvements especially the dock area and by the waterfront. If the sun is shining it’s even better, makes for such a great day out. Just about over the dreaded jet lag, the older I get the harder it seems to be!! It helped our son is on a school trip for the last couple of days so I get to have a long and much needed lie in!! Coming back to dark dreary weather doesn’t help though…. Hope your weekend is a great one too.

      • Yes Monsieur is obsessed Joy – he knows the minute details of football matches from years ago! I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t remember these things! I can remember that lovely pub lunch though!! It seems to take me ages to get over jet lag now too but funnily enough it only seems to affect me on the way back. I do think it’s far worse if you’re flying from west to east though, which you would have been. I just can’t get up in the mornings when we first get back home! Our daughter is starting to complain about the dark nights now in London – she’s coming back for 3 weeks at Christmas am so looking forward to seeing her! Then she’s off back to London – don’t think she’ll come back to live in Perth just yet despite the UK weather! Just booked our flights to come over again next year very exciting! Hope you have a lovely weekend too 🙂

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