Chocolate Heaven At Choco-Story

Our last afternoon in Bruges had none of the glorious Belgian sunshine we had been enjoying the rest of the week, black clouds and torrential rain was the order of the day. We consoled ourselves with chocolate – loads of it. Chocolate to eat as we strolled with umbrellas aloft, chocolate souvenirs to bring home and a visit to Choco Story, a museum celebrating that great Belgian staple.

08.08.49 - Chocolate Museum

Choco Story is a chocolate museum right in the middle of Bruges, quirky and housed in a typical Belgian gabled townhouse. I fell in love with that building instantly.Β Apparently it is the brainchild of a father and son whose family owned business – Belcolade produces amongst the finest chocolate in the world. Belcolade is the only producer of Belgian chocolate that is still Belgian owned.

08.08.57 - Bruges

Inspired by two other museums – Hershey, PA and Cologne (we went there and loved it), the family acquired this beautiful three storey medieval building which was a wine tavern in the 1500’s and a bakery in the 1700’s. Inside the story of chocolate is told over three floors.

08.08.51 - Bruges

Loads of information on the early history of chocolate going back to the Maya and Aztecs on the first floor. Next floor up was all about the properties of chocolate and how the cocoa bean is transformed into what we all know and love and then the third floor educated us on the healthy properties of chocolate.

08.08.54 - Bruges

I thought it was a reasonable museum, it just did not blow me away. Everything was a little bit heavy and dry, tonnes of information to read and the fact Son skipped through most of it and seemed to be on a race to get to the end definitely did not help.

08.08.55 - Bruges

The best bit was at the end. On the ground floor they had chocolate tasting. Needless to say a popular thing, unfortunately we were amongst the last to arrive and Husband and I had to cram ourselves against the back wall and watch all the action on a screen. Son wormed his way to the front somehow and got a wonderful view. A chef speaking in French, Dutch and English showed how chocolate is treated to give a shiny appearance and explained how they get a crunchy texture. We were all given a piece to try as we left and exited via the gift shop. Delicious and the best part of the museum for me.

08.08.56 - Bruges

08.08.53 - Bruges

A reasonable place to visit on a rainy day in Bruges, however if the sun is shining and the weather is fair, get your chocolate fix in the shops and explore the other delights of this wonderful town instead.

60 thoughts on “Chocolate Heaven At Choco-Story

  1. chocolate museum;) I wanted to do Choco story in Brussels but in the end we didn’t have time. But I visited a very similar museum in Prague. They also have chocolate making demonstration and tasting; the best part!

  2. We just got back from Bruges a day ago. We didn’t go to Choco-story, but we did eat our way through way too many chocolate shops–all delicious!! We also enjoyed the Belgian beer, and especially enjoyed a Flemish stew we tried at die Halve Maan brewery/bistro. It was a little like a rich steak and ale pie filling. I’m googling recipes now to see if I can replicate it at home. Ahhhh, Belgium.

  3. I think when I visited Bruge my entire diet was frites with mayo, beer and chocolate. All the essential food groups, right? In my humble opinion, Belgian chocolate is the best in the world. Perhaps your visit to this place explained why. I actually pine for Belgian chocolate. It’s possible to buy here but I would have to sell a kidney in a back alley so I’m now just chocolate sober.

    • Absolutely true Laura, this are the essential food groups and we feasted (a bit too much) on all of them. I too pine for Belgian chocolate but can make do with Cadbury’s, Lindt or something else. I feel your pain….

    • Hershey Park looks like it’s probably a lot more family oriented than here, we’ve long wanted to go there!! This was a little dry but at least we got to feast on chocolate at the end… never a bad thing!!

  4. Sounds de-li-cious. (I like mine dark)
    When in Bruges, did you have a “blanche de Bruges”? A pale local beer?
    (De-li-cious too)

      • I only had one. We’d driven from Paris and back in the same day. Start early, come back late. next time, I think we will stay a coupla nights. Well worth it. PLus the land of my ancestors is only 20 miles away my drop by there. Glad you enjoyed “la blanche”.

  5. Sound advice.Go straight for the chocolate skip the boring museum! πŸ™‚

    If I’m ever so blessed as to get to your side of the pond again I want to spend the week-end with you guys! You go to lovely places, and have a great time no matter what the weather, lodging, or transportation!

    Your son will probably grow up to be a traveler, and wanderer. I blame my parents for me being a wanderer. πŸ™‚ We traveled all the time when I was growing up, and now I travel whenever I can, and have taken my children when they were growing up, and I still do when they can get away to join me, and He-Man.

  6. At least you got to eat the chocolate in the end Joy! We didn’t come across this particular museum when we were in Bruges, though we did find plenty of chocolates to eat and bring back home as souvenirs in the shops. Miraculously most of it survived the journey back to Australia without us eating it first!! Hope you have a lovely weekend πŸ™‚

    • That chocolate at the end saved the day Rosemary!! You would have thought by the last day we would have eaten our fill of chocolate, we couldn’t get enough of it!! Hope your weekend is fun filled too. We’ve just arrived in Florida for our 2 week half term, so nice to feel some sunshine!!!

      • I should have read this first Joy then I would have realised you weren’t in the UK! Florida sounds wonderful – have seen it on travel shows but never been there. I think it’s gorgeous at this time of year – warm but hopefully not with the excessive humidity of summer. Have a wonderful vacation!! πŸ™‚

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