By The Coast in Donegal

The mountains of Donegal blew us away, the coast of this rugged county did not disappoint either. We made our first stop in Killybegs, Ireland’s main fishing port and a place where fishing and stunning scenery go hand in hand. Son loved checking out the enormous boats, all in immaculate condition being hosed down and made ready for another trip out to sea.

07.15.22 - Killybegs

07.15.25 - Killybegs

We wandered around the harbour taking in the sights and sounds. Boats don’t always do it for me but I loved it here.

07.15.23 - Killybegs

07.15.28 - Killybegs

A futuristic looking grey “caravan” caught our attention at the entrance to the harbour, intrigued we headed there and found the best fish and chips ever – this from those who have sampled many. All kinds of fish options too – lobster, crab you name it they had it – we perched on the harbour wall, meals on our laps and feasted like kings. I drool still just thinking about it…

07.15.24 - Killybegs

Back in the car and back on the road we drove through the Bluestack Mountains and Donegal town towards our destination, the seaside resort of Bundoran. Β Son was lobbying for beach time, Bundoran looked like it would fill that need.Β The town itself is nothing special, we didn’t spend too much time there, just a quick ice-cream hunt and then it was all about the beach. Miles and miles of golden sand – stretching forever, once again we had it all to ourselves.

07.15.32 - Bundoran

07.15.34 - Bundoran

A lovely cliff top walk gave great views over the sea and a few surfers riding the waves.

07.15.33 -  Bundoran

07.15.37 - Bundoran

07.15.38 - Bundoran

The beach is endless, so are the summer days in Donegal – sunset is well after 10.30 pm, we took up position on the sands, looked out over the Atlantic and watched as the sun went down.

07.15.40 - Bundoran

39 thoughts on “By The Coast in Donegal

  1. Boats, the sea, and seafood do it for me so this looks like my kind of place. Does it get warm enough to swim? I like to look at the water rather than go into it but just wondering.

    • I spent my childhood holidays on the Co Antrim coast – close to Donegal and even on the hottest summer day the water was always perishing!! I can’t even summon up the courage to paddle in the shallows there these days!!

  2. We were totally amazing by the beauty of the beaches in Ireland and the fact that we often had them for ourselves. Too bad the water is a bit too cold to swim or maybe it is a good thing as otherwise all of these beaches would be very crowded with lots of resorts around them…(Suzanne)

    • Even on the hottest of summer days the water around the north coast of Ireland is icy cold – I remember that from my childhood and still shiver. I think you’re right though Suzanne, if it was warm the crowds would descend and it would not be so unspoilt and wonderful.

  3. We love the boats and beaches…being coastal people I suppose that’s a good thing! Here, too, the sun sets very late in the summer. Thank goodness, for all those short winter days we’ve waited through! You have inspired me to look for our boat pics from last summer… Hoping they will bring back the memory of summer sun and seafood!

    • Have fun looking over your pictures and thinking about the sun!! We are ready for those long days too – loving this time of year when the evening just stretch and we have daylight much later! Enjoy the weekend.

  4. These beaches look amazing Joy and incredible that you seem to have had the place to yourselves even in high summer! I love all those traditional fishing boats (so quaint) and I’m sure the fish and chips were delicious! Have a lovely weekend πŸ™‚

    • The beaches are amazing Rosemary – miles of golden sand and mostly deserted. But like I said in some other comments the sea is freezing even on a hot day so if you want a swim it’s probably not here which may account for the lack of people. Still, it’s nice that way and the fish and chips was the best!! Enjoy your weekend too.

  5. Probably unsurprisingly, the photos are very reminiscent of the Scottish landscapes with which I am familiar and, therefore, your post made me feel nostalgic even though I have never been to Donegal. Then I read about your sampling of the best fish and chips ever and I went from nostalgia to homesickness. I didn’t even eat fish and chips that often when I lived in Britain but now I am desperate for them. Thanks again for sharing your jaunts.

  6. Gorgeous. Your posts alway make me want to get on the first plane that will get me there. Great pics. Thank you once again, Joy and have a great weekend.

    • Spot on Diana!! I spent childhood holidays on this coast and the sea is super freezing – you never get used to it, even on the hottest day it never warms up at all. I refuse to even dip my toes in – but it looks good!! Have a great weekend.

  7. The beach of Bundoran looks amazing! And seems like you got it almost to yourself:) I am impressed by the surfers. Must be very cold waters this time of year…

    • Icy waters anytime of year I think, even on the hottest summer day it is so cold, those surfers were brave!! It is such a wild, unspoilt stretch of coast with not many people at all, very special!

      • Yes I guess you are right – with the water coming in directly from the Atlantic there is probably not much warming up at all:) Brrr..

  8. It’s funny. I’ve been to Ireland 4 times and my husband and I agreed, on our most recent trip (when we spent 4 nights in Killybegs and around Donegal!) that we probably were “done” with Ireland and should go other places. But, reading your post makes me want to start planning another trip to Ireland RIGHT NOW!

    • I know what you mean, it draws you in somehow!! We are lucky and visit Ireland every summer to see family but try and explore a part we’re not so familiar each time – Wicklow this summer!

  9. Oh my goodness… sunset at 1030 pm! Sounds like my dream… until I think about putting my toddler to bed. LOL.
    This part of Ireland looks beautiful (as usual, I love your photos!)… I really need to make a trip there. πŸ™‚

  10. Ahhhh ice cream hunting – my favorite sport. Love the moody skies over deserted beaches πŸ™‚

  11. So I’m not sure which is more beautiful – the mountains or the coastline. Although I like being near the sea! There’s nothing more lovely than a deserted beach!

    • The good thing is that you can easily do both – distances are short and you can be in the mountains in the morning and spend all afternoon on one of those beaches – perfect!!

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