Scarecrows and Summer Flowers

A bunch of flowers from Son on Mothering Sunday – made by his own fair hands from tissue paper – inspired me to sort out pictures from a summer day out at the National Wildflower Centre. That plus the thought of warm sunshine and being outdoors without multiple layers in these chilly spring days – especially chilly in the UK this morning as we witnessed a solar eclipse. A weird sensation but incredible at the same time.

Just five miles from the centre of Liverpool, the National Wildflower Centre has 35 acres and 400 species of flowers in seasonal displays. Run by the charity Landlife, this formerly derelict site has been turned into the perfect habitat for wildflowers. My vision was that we would be (almost) the only people there, wandering amongst those wildflowers in the glorious sunshine. Reality struck – it was jam packed, we barely managed to squeeze our car into a spare piece of space. Entrance was free (for one day only), this had attracted all and sundry. That plus a scarecrow display and trail, a dog show and hot weather meant the hordes had descended.

07.06.06 - National Wildflower Centre

07.06.08 - National Wildflower Centre

Still, although crowded by the entrance, once inside it was fine and there was plenty of room for everyone. We set off on the trail for scarecrows. Son got stuck in with gusto and led the search, we ticked off those beauties one by one.

07.06.01 - National Wildflower Centre

07.06.03 - National Wildflower Centre

While Son watched canines of every shape and size arriving for the dog show, we listed to a male voice choir – elderly gents having a whale of a time with a great sense of humour which was infectious.

07.06.05 - National Wildflower Centre

Lovely views and gorgeous flowers everywhere, the whole place also had a bit of an alternative vibe going on – we loved it.

07.06.10 - National Wildflower Centre

The estate actually once belonged to a brother of William Gladstone. The mansion no longer stands but we found some old stones and a plan of the house in its heyday. They tested Stephenson’s Rocket on the drive here – history galore but you just had to seek it out.

07.06.19 - National Wildflower Centre

We walked along an impressive roof-top garden, taking in the views until Son spotted something far more interesting down below. A great play area for children with a giant beehive, treehouse, climbing wall and other good stuff. We parked ourselves on a bench, he made use of all these goodies.

07.06.11 - National Wildflower Centre

07.06.13 - National Wildflower Centre

07.06.14 - National Wildflower Centre

07.06.16 - National Wildflower Centre

07.06.27 - National Wildflower Centre

A beautiful spot close to the middle of the city, we had a great day out but would love to go back on a “normal” day when things were less hectic. A great idea too – conserving those beautiful wildflowers and turning somewhere derelict into something special. It even encouraged us to set up our own little wildflower patch at home – just need to wait until summer to check how successful that was!

07.06.20 - National Wildflower Centre

07.06.21 - National Wildflower Centre

07.06.26 - National Wildflower Centre

24 thoughts on “Scarecrows and Summer Flowers

  1. I’m behind on my blog reading but I mean to catch up on yours. I enjoy your posts and my husband always reads them, too. It’s amazing how many fun, interesting places are close to home, isn’t it? Thanks for reminding me to do a few blog posts about places outside my back door.

    • Thank you for your lovely comments!! Sometimes you take places a bit for granted that are on your doorstep – we do anyway, looking forward to reading your posts about these types of places!!

    • We visited in the summer so I think that was the reason for all the vivid colours and abundance of green. Not sure how different it would look in spring – maybe we’ll have to go!! I think it would be wonderful any time of year.

  2. That looks like a completely wonderful place. I am sure it is the type of place that is worth going back to time and time again. Lovely photos as always. The last one, of your son swinging from a rope, is just childhood in a nutshell.

  3. So much fun! You are in the same mood as we are – longing for summer. (I am organizing our vacation photos from last year for an actual album, and wishing to return…) Our favourite photo was the last – great action shot! Miss G. also noted that your son has the same converse high tops as she does – extra cool. Looking forward to hearing how your wild flowers turn out!

    • Sometimes after a long dreary winter I feel like summer will never come!! How cool they have the same Converse – kids of good taste!! Not sure how those flowers will be but at least we tried!

  4. I love wildflowers and this looks like a very unique place….a little bit of everything to satisfy everyone. Im guessing the male choir was singing acapella? Love that type of singing. Seems like you had a great time. Makes me wish spring was in bloom, but I’m not rushing it. I love the anticipation. Have a great weekend, Joy.

    • They were singing acapella George – probably not the best singing ever to be honest, but what was so wonderful was their infectious enjoyment. We had the best day out here – just goes to show a bit of space to run free and wildflowers is all you need for a fun family day out. Hope your weekend is a good one too George!

  5. This looks absolutely brilliant. I love the play area for kids, what a great idea to have a giant bee hive and that climbing wall looks so much fun. Surrounded by wildflowers and a roof top garden. Perfect place for a family day out.

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