Snowy Afternoon At Central Park

Our last afternoon in New York came by all too quickly.  We decided to spend it in the green heart of the city – Central Park. This oasis of green in a wall of buildings, smack bang in the middle of Manhattan is a chance to escape from the insanity. Water, wooded paths and lawns, I had been before in summer time and remember joggers, skaters, musicians and lots of tourists. A bit different on a snowy Friday but no less impressive. We loved our stroll through the park – cold yes, but a proper winter wonderland.

12.07.16 - Central Park

This was the first public park built in America and all the more impressive since it is surrounded by huge buildings. Designated a people’s park where everyone could come and enjoy it, now it attracts 15 million visitors every year and is ideal for people watching.

Our visit began with the quintessential Central Park experience – a horse drawn carriage ride.  It had just started to snow when we climbed on board – this made an already fun experience a bit more magical. Not intentionally we chose a carriage with a roof – luck was on our side since this, together with the green, woolly blanket the driver threw over our laps, kept us snug, warm and dry.  The ride lasted about 20 minutes, Son was super impressed, it was a wonderful and relaxing way to see the park. Our driver, of Irish origin, was pleasant, chatty and friendly. We lingered for a while at Artists Gate afterwards watching the horses drink from the stone troughs.

12.07.13 - Central Park

Riding through the park was one thing but exploring on foot was also part of the plan. A gentle stroll along lovely paths and we found the Wollman Ice Skating Rink. Content to just watch – our skating skills are not up to much – the setting is gorgeous, between the trees with the tall buildings behind.

12.07.19 - Ice rink at Central Park

The carousel was a lucky find – needless to say Son was keen to ride, so we did. It has been in the park since 1871 and is open daily between April and December. There are 58 beautiful hand-carved horses but no-one else was riding. It soon became apparent why we had it all to ourselves. Icy cold already, whizzing around froze our faces and fingers. Incredibly uncomfortable, I think this is an experience better suited to warmer times.

12.07.20 - Carousel at Central Park

Playground time was next on the agenda – we found a great one at the Heckscher Playground. No end of swings, slides, climbing structures and a big sand pit. A stroll around Conservatory Water next with statues from children’s literature – Alice in Wonderland was our favourite.

12.07.21 - Central Park

My regret was we didn’t make it to Strawberry Fields. Icy temperatures had gotten the better of us and we decided a warm cafe and thawing out time was essential. We were well wrapped up with multiple layers and heavy duty thermals and felt positively toasty elsewhere in Manhattan. The temperatures in Central Park seemed to take a dip – this combined with wind chill meant it was bracing to say the least.

12.07.23 - Central Park

Despite the icy temperatures it was a wonderful way to spend our last afternoon in a wonderful city. New York we loved you and can’t wait to return.

12.07.24 - Central Park

40 thoughts on “Snowy Afternoon At Central Park

  1. Wonderful Joy! I have seen the horse-drawn carriage rides depicted in movies – it would have been an amazing experience! The park must be such a lovely place to visit – an oasis from the hustle and bustle of New York 🙂 Central Park is definitely a place I’d love to visit one day! I’ve really enjoyed all your New York posts thanks so much for sharing them and have a great weekend 🙂

    • Thank you Rosemary – we loved the horse and carriage ride, like you say I saw it in so many movies it was top of my wish list! It didn’t disappoint and was the perfect way to spend our last afternoon in the city. Hope you have a great weekend too – take a break from the renovations!!

  2. I have completely enjoyed your New York adventure…I have only been once, 25 years ago! I think I am due for another visit. Your family friendly approach is a great model – we will betowing our own little people along for our traditional “walking holiday” style, but it is inspiring to know that there is so much for them there too. Have a great weekend!

    • We thought it was a great place – so family friendly, lots to see and do and very exciting for the children (not to mention the adults!!). Thanks for coming along with us on this adventure, hope your weekend is a good one too.

  3. Joy, i have enjoyed seeing NYC through your eyes. I do love this city. We took the carriage ride on an October night after dinner at Tavern on the Green, and I believe it was 1998. Have returned many times, but have not taken the carriage ride. I think we will do it again next trip! Blessings, Pam

  4. I love New York so have enjoyed reading about it – it makes me want to go again! We went to Strawberry Fields and it’s lovely, but it doesn’t take long to look at so I think with a small child you made a good decision not to take time out of the stuff he (and you) seem to have enjoyed so much.

  5. We all had such a lovely time in Central Park and enjoyed it so much, I think you are right Anabel – it probably was the right thing to do at the time. Hopefully this won’t be our last trip to New York though and we can see Strawberry Fields sometime!! Have a lovely weekend.

    • Would love to go in the summer time – I think the atmosphere would be completely different! It was so cold and icy when we were there, would be nice to feel the sunshine and sit around and people watch a bit! Have a great weekend.

      • I’m very tempted to see it during winter, since I’ve been there during summer and it was so so different. Really busy, vibrant.. and a bit stressful. Seeing and visiting this town during both season must be great !

  6. Central Park is truly a special spot in the city. I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit here and recommend two returns: one in the late spring when everything is lush and green and you can enjoy the zoo and in the fall because the autumn foliage will take your breath away.

  7. Catching up on your posts has been a great reminder of our last visit to NYC. We were in Central Park just before the ice rink opened (year before last) – I would love to return to the city in winter.

  8. Great write up! We all loved central park. There’s so much to do and see there! We spent a couple of hours there every day during our 8 day stay and still didn’t cover all of it! I would have loved to have seen it in winter with the snow and the ice skating rink. Your post as made me want to g in winter even more 🙂

  9. I very much enjoyed reading your New York posts. I, too, have one of those dreaded landmark birthdays coming up shortly after Christmas and not being a party person either, am also celebrating with a week in New York. I do hope it snows on our visit, too!

    • That is the perfect way to celebrate a dreaded (or any other) birthday in my opinion!! I love New York in winter, the snow was the icing on the cake for us but even if it doesn’t, I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time!! Looking forward to reading about it.

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