A Stroll Over Brooklyn Bridge

As iconic a symbol of NYC as the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge is, I think, the most magnificent of the bridges across the East River linking Manhattan to Brooklyn. Having always wanted to walk across it, this trip we managed to tick that one off.

12.04.05 - Brooklyn Bridge

An early start on a frosty morning, we took the subway to City Hall – another first for us and a real treat for Son. The entrance to the bridge at Center Street was easy to find and we made our way onto the pedestrianized walkway right in the middle between huge stone pylons and a spiderweb of steel support cables. Traffic flows below so no cars to think about, you can just focus on those views. We spied Governors Island to the south, the Manhattan Bridge to the north and Brooklyn ahead.

12.04.06 - Brooklyn Bridge

12.04.07 - View from Brooklyn Bridge

When Brooklyn Bridge opened in 1883 after 14 years of construction it was the largest suspension bridge in the world. The span between its two support towers is 1,596 feet and it still dazzles – definitely one of the architectural gems of New York in my humble opinion.Β Our stroll was on an icy winter’s day. Despite multiple layers and barely an inch of flesh showing anywhere, we were frozen. Make sure you sport your super thermals if you brave the bridge in winter – temperatures are bracing to say the least.

12.04.08 - View from Brooklyn Bridge

Our original plan was to walk over the bridge and explore Brooklyn before crossing back later in the day. It is about a mile long so not a taxing distance but Son was so cold and so miserable once we reached the Brooklyn side, we decided to turn and walk back again.

12.04.11 - Brooklyn Bridge

The walk back to Manhattan is really what it’s all about – walking back over the bridge you get a true sense of the city, seeing it as it should be seen. The majestic beauty of that skylineΒ is just mind blowing.

12.04.12 - View from Brooklyn Bridge

12.04.14 - View from Brooklyn Bridge

12.04.10 - Brooklyn Bridge

Back in Manhattan we decided to head to South Street Seaport and Pier 17, only a short walk away and the perfect place to grab a coffee and thaw out. We browsed a little in the shops there, then found some great views over the water and across to the bridge on the upstairs terrace area.

12.04.16 - Pier 17

12.04.17 - View from Pier 17 mall

12.04.22 - Pier 17

I loved this stroll – not onlyΒ an engineering marvel with a fascinating history but a romantic and iconic suspension bridge, crossing it is a walk with a wow – definitely not to be missed.

45 thoughts on “A Stroll Over Brooklyn Bridge

  1. Brrrrr! That looks beautiful (but so cold!). I did not realize that the walkway across the bridge was above the traffic! I will definitely have to visit NYC… in summer! πŸ™‚

  2. We went this past summer and crossed the bridge. It was a great experience but we almost melt, it was hot and humid. Also we did it we a tour group so we have to keep up with the fast paste of the group. Still was a super experience! Also there were so many people crossing by foot and bicycle… Hope you can try it during summer… maybe better during spring πŸ™‚

  3. Your photos almost look black and white with the suspension cables against the overcast skies–great mood. I like toward the end when blue skies appeared, too. Great experience, well told.

    • It was such a grey and dark day I took stacks of pictures but most of them were awful – I thought these looked black and white too!! The blue sky was very welcome at the end too but it was still freezing. Still a great experience, would love to cross the bridge again in summer someday.

  4. Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and strolling the elevated walkways are at the tip top of my To Do list for when we return to NYC as a family. We are hoping to go back for a long weekend this year so hopefully I will get to do it.

    • I loved this walk Laura – the views are wonderful and there is something really special about being on the Brooklyn Bridge. I had just finished reading a book set in the time it was built – someone froze to death in the story on the bridge, I thought at one point we might suffer the same fate!! Freezing temperatures notwithstanding it was fun and so memorable, I think your family would love it too. Looking forward to reading about your weekend in NYC!!

    • We saw the skyline from the water on the ferry and from the Top of the Rock and Empire State – however my favourite skyline view was from here. It’s incredible – spine tingling really and pictures can’t do it justice.

  5. Wow this is the iconic image I have seen in movies Joy! It must have been magnificent in real life if somewhat cold – I know it would be way too cold for me during the winter! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos too. I have never been to New York though our younger daughter (now in London) has been a couple of times. One day……! Hope you are having a good week πŸ™‚

    • It was one of my favourite things to do in New York Rosemary and probably my favourite view of the city (most likely because I felt as if I knew it, having “seen” it so many times on screen etc. before). The cold surprised me – I knew it would be icy but we shivered the whole week!! Visit in summer if you don’t like wearing multiple layers of thermals would be my advice! Hope your daughter is enjoying London – pretty cold there too at the minute too!!

      • Yes I would definitely need to be in a snowsuit Joy especially as I’d be coming off an Australian summer if it was winter in NY! My daughter is finding the northern winters a bit tough – it’s not the same when you have to work through it unlike just visiting! She says she hardly ever sees daylight any more! We sent her money for her birthday last month and Christmas so she has bought herself some heavy winter jumpers, a wool coat and sturdy boots (the ones she brought with her from Perth were too light!). I hope it won’t be a late spring as we’ll be over in just over 2 months – I always start checking the weather reports in the weeks leading up to a trip so I get a feel for what to pack! Have so much enjoyed your New York series πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

  6. I never knew the Brooklyn Bridge had some many amazing details and was such a great object. I’ll have to make sure I visit it next time in NYC for sure! πŸ™‚

    • We’d seen it from further away on previous visits to NYC but walking over it was such a great and fun experience – I definitely recommend. You just see everything so much better and the views are amazing.

  7. I love the Brooklyn Bridge – my favourite in Manhattan, I think, followed closely by the GW. The story of how it was built is fascinating, too – they had to construct enormous hollow piers out of wood, sink them to the bottom of the river and pump the water out so the workmen could get down there. They were so deep that many workers got the “bends” when they came up again! :-O

    • I read a novel set in New York at the time the Brooklyn Bridge was being built – fascinating and it had a lot of historical facts in there, I remember reading about the workers with the bends!! Think that was part of the attraction of walking over the bridge but we all enjoyed it so much. Would love to do it again – just in warmer weather!!

  8. I look forward to walking across this bridge, spectacular. I think Joy you would enjoy reading the history of the bridge’s construction – definitely a unique story.

    • I’ve read a little about the history and a novel set around the time it was built which had some historical facts thrown in for good measure. What I know already has whetted my appetite – I now should seek out the whole story!

  9. wow you were there on a day of crazy clouds!! if you’re ever there in the summer maybe you can catch the tug-o-war game between manhattan and brooklyn. it’s complete chaos but fun!

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