Escape to Fiesole

On our last full day in Florence we did what wealthy Florentines have done for centuries – escaped to the hills above the city. Being wowed by Fiesole on our last Florence trip I definitely wanted to revisit the one-time rural retreat of the Medicis – interesting and so beautiful, the best place to spend a quiet sunny morning.

05.30.06 - Fiesole

We took the bus, left the city and wound our way slowly through the hills and into the countryside. Everywhere became more lush and more green with lots of cypress trees and winding roads. The scenery en route and the setting of Fiesole are just gorgeous. Once a bustling Etruscan settlement and then a Roman town, this place was the equal of Florence until the Medieval era. During the Rennaissance the Medicis used it as their bolt hole of choice and built sumptuous villas on the hillside.

05.30.09 - Fiesole

Today it is peaceful, quiet and quite a change from the hustle and bustle of the city down below. A bit cooler – we noticed with gratitude the effects of the cooling breeze. Fiesole is a bit of a movie star too – the walk from Florence up here earned a scene in A Room With A View.

05.30.08 - Fiesole

We got off the bus in the little square and tackled the first of the Fiesole hills – no end of these.  We hiked up a pedestrianised and steep street, got to see the Etruscan walls and found a terrace with a spectacular panoramic view over the hills and down to the city below.

05.30.04 - Fiesole

05.30.07 - Fiesole

A peek in the little church, a walk in the woods before we made our way back to the main square again for pizza at a little pavement cafe. Fiesole is just perfect – a great break from the big city and a lovely taste of small-town Italy.

05.30.12 - Fiesole

05.30.16 - Fiesole

05.30.14 - Fiesole

27 thoughts on “Escape to Fiesole

  1. How delightful Joy it looks such a serene and peaceful place in which to escape from the hustle and bustle of Florence. I certainly didn’t go up into the hills when I visited Florence many moons ago so it’s good to read about them and great to have practical advice too about the bus! A very enjoyable read as ever and beautiful photos, have a lovely weekend 🙂

  2. Wow! That looks absolutely charming. I can imagine myself in any one of your photos relaxing and enjoying some delicious Italian food and a lovely glass of wine.

    • It’s not far at all – depends how many stops the bus makes but it took about 20 minutes for us from the centre. The journey out of the city and up to Fiesole is very nice too – it goes past really quickly.

  3. This is awesome! I really felt like I was traveling along with. A close friend of mine keeps telling me I need to go to Florence ASAP so I’ll have to keep this in mind. Thanks for the post!!

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