Exploring Corniglia

Cornigila was the first of the Cinque Terre hamlets we explored. No logic or reason we just did. The train from Levanto was a quick ten minute hop, no views all tunnels but a big thumbs up from Son as we got to sit up top in a double decker train.

05.26.002 - Levanto station

Corniglia is the only hamlet with no direct access to the sea, huddled on a hilltop you get the most amazing panorama and a climb up 365 steps to reach the village centre from the station if you fancy a challenge. We did, our rather reluctant son did not. He spotted a bus outside the station that went to the village (and was part of the Cinque Terre ticket) so jumped on board post haste and refused to get off. In hindsight he was right. That would have been a climb too far, particularly with a hike later in the day, Husband and I were optimistic to say the least. We live and learn. My advice – take the bus, plenty of chances later for climbing, clambering and all round pushing yourself.

05.26.003 - Corniglia

The bus wound its way up the twisty road and right into the heart of this gorgeous village, all colourful houses back to back, crushed and crammed together and perched on a cliff edge. I had read this was the least child friendly village and offered few services. I didn’t think it was any more or less child friendly than the others and as for services, it had any number of nice looking eateries so not sure where that came from either.

05.26.013 - Corniglia

05.26.019 - Corniglia

We strolled one way towards the hillside – vines, olive trees and the scent of lemons was all around.

05.26.016 - Corniglia

05.26.017 - Corniglia

05.26.022 - Corniglia

The other direction took us into the middle of the village, lots of steps to climb up and down, alleyways galore for Son to explore and terraces with amazing views over the sea.

05.26.024 - Corniglia

05.26.026 - Corniglia

05.26.027 - Corniglia

05.26.029 - Corniglia

Husband had spotted a little restaurant on the bus ride to the village. It was back downhill a little way, had its own terrace overlooking the sea and was superb. We feasted on paninis with salty cheese and ham and lapped up the views of the ocean.

05.26.031 - Corniglia

05.26.014 - Corniglia

34 thoughts on “Exploring Corniglia

    • Someone else mentioned that about the Italian trains but we actually had no problems at all! Maybe we were just lucky?!! Nothing like the experience you posted about on the German trains though with the first class lounge, that sounded amazing!

      • Well, seems like you were lucky. When I was in Rome two weeks ago, even my airport train was delayed heavily. I hope your luck stays with you 🙂

    • Thank you, but there is absolutely no skill required to take a good photo here, the light and colours are perfect and every picture seems to turn out good! I was every bit as excited as our son to ride up top in that train too!!

  1. I seem to have got a touch over-excited about the lemons in this place – many lemon photos were taken – no idea why…… Oh and that hat, well just going back over summer photos it seems like it appears in every shot, he seems to have been wearing it an awful lot – that plus it has been tossed up many a hill, kicked around a fair bit and squeezed and thrown and it still seems to look ok!

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