A Hike Around Hollingworth Lake

On a not so sunny Sunday afternoon with gloomy skies but still in need of fresh air and exercise, we headed to Lancashire for a hike around Hollingworth Lake – inland but just like being by the seaside. Water everywhere, a few little amusement arcades, lots of ice-cream shops and fish and chip places all it is missing are the gulls (a pesky nuisance anyway) and the salty air.

05.04.04 - Hollingworth Lake

In Victorian times the lake was known as the “Weighvers Seaport”. Originally built to provide water for the locks on the Rochdale Canal, from the 1860’s it became a Victorian seaside(ish) resort. They built hotels and the railways brought daytrippers. Fast forward to World War 2 and it was an army camp, in 1974 it became a country park and now is a thriving watersports area.

05.04.08 - Hollingworth Lake

We parked up and set off. Despite the grey skies there were plenty of people around. The backdrop to the lake – Blackstone Edge – is beautiful as we discovered when we took the scenic lake trail. Only 2.5 miles and very flat you don’t even break a sweat. Son discovered a Trim Trail and set to exercising with gusto. We are permanently amazed at how he can moan about a flat easy walk, but add in some exercise equipment or the odd mountain and his energy levels are boundless.

05.04.07 - Hollingworth Lake

05.04.10 - Hollingworth Lake

05.04.12 - Hollingworth Lake

Lots of colourful yachts and canoes on the water and we had a stone skimming challenge by the edge. Son had a chat with some fishermen and discovered you can catch carp and roach in these waters.

05.04.13 - Hollingworth Lake

05.04.14 - Hollingworth Lake

05.04.16 - Hollingworth Lake

At the end of the trail we found an excellent adventure playground and a little further on was the Visitor Centre. Children’s artwork adorns the walls and they have an obscure collection of objects found in the lake. We just missed a Hedgehog Society Day – had we spent less time exercising and skimming stones, we could have met a hedgehog and barn owl. Still, you can’t have everything and we did find a nice lakeside pub to drown our sorrows.

20 thoughts on “A Hike Around Hollingworth Lake

  1. It’s so true about the flat walk vs mountain/exercise equipment/etc! Sometimes I think P would complain less of being tired if he went everywhere by pogo stick. (Now there’s an idea…) I can understand it, though – it sometimes seems a chore to walk places at home, yet when we’re out on a trip I barely notice the walking.

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