Boars And Other Beasts In The Forest of Bowland

With the sun high in the sky we decided to venture out to the beautiful Ribble Valley in Lancashire. Our destination was Bowland Wild Boar Park for a day of animal antics and rambling. This family run business is right in the heart of the Forest of Bowland – all lush green hills and lovely scenery, even the journey there is a highlight. Right in the middle of nowhere – how would anyone ever find this place we reasoned – we’d likely have it all to ourselves. Not so, with a full car park we were diverted to the overflow area but with 65 acres to explore there was room enough for all.

It’s not all about boars – they have other animals here including meerkats, our first port of call. We chatted with a keeper who told us they are eagerly anticipating seeing some brand new babies, born during the night underground (they think) but a bit of a wait, the mother would not come back out with the babies for a couple more weeks.

04.21.02 - Bowland Wild Boar Park

This cheeky chappy was none too shy and seemed keen to get up close and personal.

04.21.03 - Bowland Wild Boar Park

Son found a barn full of hay, promptly disappeared into a “tunnel” with a myriad of other screaming youngsters and would happily have stayed there for the rest of the day.

04.21.05 - Bowland Wild Boar Park

We saw a baby calf, some curious goats and tried our hand at milking a cow.

04.21.06 - Bowland Wild Boar Park

04.21.07 - Bowland Wild Boar Park

Rabbits to pet, chicks to stroke and lambs to feed – it’s a great place for kids to get hands-on.

04.21.10a - Bowland Wild Boar Park

04.21.12 - Bowland Wild Boar Park


04.21.17 - Bowland Wild Boar Park

The setting is stunning – we had a stroll by the River Hodder before it was time to do the wild boar walk. This was a highlight of our day, we joined the farmer on a trek around the boar area and en route heard lots about these creatures and a bit about the history of the farm.

04.21.21 - Bowland Wild Boar Park

04.21.22 - Bowland Wild Boar Park

A bumpy tractor ride to the top of a hill was our next big thing then we hiked a short and easy trail back down again. Plenty of animals to see on the way, we also found a replica of an Iron Age roundhouse. Built with tree branches and a thatched roof you can go inside and see how the Celts lived.

04.21.27 - Bowland Wild Boar Park

04.21.28 - Bowland Wild Boar Park

04.21.30 - Bowland Wild Boar Park

The best ice-creams ever at the bottom helped to cool us down then Son joined a group of delighted youngsters and was pulled along by a tractor. With still more steam to let off, we set him loose in the play area before closing time and the drive home.

04.21.18 - Bowland Wild Boar Park


04.21.33 - Bowland Wild Boar Park

These guys accompanied us to the car – a fitting send off after a great day out. Rambling in the woods, feeding the lambs and encountering a wealth of other animals a great time was had by all.

04.21.35 - Bowland Wild Boar Park

26 thoughts on “Boars And Other Beasts In The Forest of Bowland

  1. What a fun family day out! I love the pig photo – pigs are so photogenic! And love the photo of the chick as well. Beautiful countryside. Happy travelling, Joy. 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog.

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