Weird and Wonderful Brimham Rocks

This place turned out to be a bit of a surprise – meant to be a Yorkshire stopping off point on a long car journey, we thought we would find a few rocks, a place to stretch our legs for half an hour and a cafe. That we did discover, but so much more – some of the most spectacular rock formations scattered over Brimham Moor – mind blowingly unreal and just not something you would ever expect to find in the English countryside.

04.11.46 - Brimham Rocks

Not far from Harrogate but a world away we found 50 acres of moorland with a weird collection of rock formations, sculpted by the wind, rain and ice these sandstone outcrops dominate the area. Part of the fun for us was spotting what the rock formations could be – they all have names. Son spotted the “Turtle” immediately, the Eagle and the Smartie Tube proved a little trickier to find.

04.11.45 - Brimham Rocks

04.11.59 - Brimham Rocks

04.11.60 - Brimham Rocks

The whole place is like a big outdoor 100% natural playground stuffed with obstacles to climb and explore and loads of space to roam – Son could hardly believe his eyes and set to climbing immediately. The absence of danger signs was very refreshing – quite the novelty these days having to use common sense and not rely on patronizing instructions to keep you alive.

04.11.48 - Brimham Rocks

04.11.51 - Brimham Rocks

Plenty of climbing and clambering for all of us followed by a spot of sitting back to enjoy the Yorkshire countryside spread out below – we all loved this place. There were some experienced climbers on the higher rocks with all the kit to check out too, if you wanted to see how the experts did it.

04.11.53 - Brimham Rocks

04.11.54 - Brimham Rocks

04.11.57 - Brimham Rocks

The rocks seem to go on forever, at the top of the hill we found Brimham House – a little visitor centre with bits and pieces about the history of the area and a small exhibition. Amazing views up here too – on a clear day you can see as far as York Minster (we couldn’t) but we did spy Menwith Hill US air base.

04.11.58 - Brimham Rocks

04.11.61 - Brimham Rocks

04.11.64 - Brimham Rocks

04.11.65 - Brimham Rocks

Oodles of picnic spots and plenty of places to relax, but with an energetic ten year old this was not on our agenda (unfortunately). We spent at least a couple of hours here in the end. What started as a stop-off actually became a destination. Brimham Rocks rocks was Son’s verdict.

04.11.68 - Brimham Rocks

04.11.69 - Brimham Rocks

04.11.70 - Brimham Rocks

34 thoughts on “Weird and Wonderful Brimham Rocks

  1. I adore Brimham Rocks! I spent many hours there as a teenager hanging out with my friends and now when we go up to Harrogate to visit the grandparents we often take our two boys to Brimham Rocks – they love climbing on the rocks. And yes, you’re right about the absence of “Danger” signs. The views from the top are stunning. It makes for a very full day out if combined with Fountains Abbey which is nearby.

    • I can’t believe we didn’t know about it until now Margarita! We had such a great time there and definitely plan to go back. Fountains Abbey also on the list so thank you for the tip to combine the two – sounds like a great plan.

  2. Ohhh, I love this place, and also Pateley Bridge, a town just a few miles from it (boasting the World’s Oldest Sweet Shop and an awesome antique store). Thanks for the memories, and I’m glad you all enjoyed it. Yorkshire is so beautiful.

  3. Oh, we visited Brimham Rocks last year, and loved it. We got there really late, when they were almost closed already, so we didn’t get to see everything. But what a delightful, adventure-filled place!

  4. Gosh how spectacular! My parents live in Harrogate (indeed I was born and brought up in Yorkshire) and yet I’ve never been here. You can see them from the road between Leeds and Harrogate and they are signposted. Just goes to show when you live in a place you can take things for granted! I must try and make amends next time I’ve over in Yorkshire visiting the family. Interesting post thanks!

    • They are stunning, you should definitely go if you get the chance! Know just what you mean about taking things for granted though, we’ve just been to a local beauty spot on a visit to my parents and were blown away, despite the fact I grew up 10 miles away I had never been before.

  5. Love the post – know the rocks well. Even more mind blowing when its all dusted with snow & ice on New Years day!

  6. Awesome find! Love Bronwyn’s comment about the dribble castle. I used to dribble mud through my fingers to create miniature versions of these structures…

  7. I love this place! I visited it last year and had so much fun climbing the rocks 🙂 the views from the top of the rocks are beautiful! Lovely post, brought me back to that happy and exciting day 🙂

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