Life Science Centre

Having read loads about this place – an educational charity whose aim is to get everyone switched onto science, a visit went straight on our Newcastle agenda. Hands on interaction was what they promised – that is definitely our bag so excitement levels were high.

04.09.03 - Life centre

04.09.05 - Life Centre

We arrived shortly after opening time and paid the £25 entrance fee for the three of us. Not unreasonable I suppose, but steep compared to the Science Museum in London (free). This seemed to be my problem for the day, I kept comparing this place to the Science Museum and it didn’t really compare. It was busy and when we got inside disappointment was my first reaction. It is (mainly) on one level, had some hands-on bits and pieces scattered here and there but it did not seem like there was anywhere near enough activities to fill an hour never mind a day.

04.09.26 - Life

The idea is great. They want children to have a good time exploring and learning about the world. It is dedicated to science and attached to laboratories of international fame, but for me it was missing a certain je ne sais quoi. To be fair though Son loved it. Sleeves up, he got stuck in straightaway and threw himself into all the experiments. Finding several out of order raised my frustration levels higher, he was more understanding.

04.09.08 - Life

04.09.17 - Life

04.09.10 - Life

We checked out the activity times and planned our day around these. Everything is non bookable and only on a first-come first-serve basis but we had no problem – everything achieved with a minimum of queuing. The shows were good – finally a positive.  We listened to a science talk in a little theatre – all about noise, the presenter was great and proved her points with some spectacularly noisy experiments. Twenty minutes later we left having learned something new, all impressed. The sixty seater Planetarium is also good, on super comfy reclining seats we leaned back and watched a film on the ceiling about the moon and the Google challenge to send a spacecraft back there. Son is still obsessing about this, so again a thumbs up.

There are two cafes, each as grotty as the other. Chips and burgers were the dish of the day, healthy alternatives seemed thin on the ground. Eventually we found a couple of limp and sad looking sandwiches and ate them amid filthy tables piled high with dirty dishes and other people’s leftovers. Avoid at all costs.

We rode a 4D simulator in the afternoon and via a huge screen and computerised seats took a “trip” through the Amazon, bumping and rolling around, being splashed with water it was excellent and so much fun. We loved this.

We checked out the Lego exhibition figuring you can’t go wrong with Lego. The model of St Pancras Station was amazing with incredible attention to detail, but aside from that there wasn’t too much more to see.

04.09.22 - Lego St Pancras

Before we left Son revisited his favourite hands-on things and came out saying he’d had a great day here. Disappointment was my lasting impression, this place could have been so great but just wasn’t. In the end the 4D ride, science show and planetarium just about saved the day.

04.09.18 - Life

04.09.27 - Life

04.09.29 - Life

14 thoughts on “Life Science Centre

  1. I’ve never heard about it. Like you said, the concept is good, but it think compared to the Science Museum in London, La cité des Sciences in Paris or the exploratorium in San Fransicso, the main target here seems to be the children only. Maybe that’s why something was missing for you 🙂

  2. An informative post. Having taken my kids to science centres in Glasgow, Wrexham and Winchester in the past few years, they are all much of a muchness. They tend to have the same experiments and the same planetarium show. I quite like the Science Museum in London but some of the exhibits are getting quite tired and need updating to still be factually correct and relevant (based on when I was last there, of course) but it’s free which makes that tolerable. The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester is very good. My kids found that really engaging – especially the sewer system section.

  3. I think it’s when you have to pay that it really starts to niggle more. We are also big fans of the sewer in Manchester – where our son always wants to visit first when we go there!

  4. It is unfortunate that potentially great places like this don’t quite meet their potential. We have been to our fair share of science museums in the US in the past few years (we took advantage of a program that lets you use your membership to one museum at almost any other museum in the country). Our favorites were usually ones in the bigger metro areas (like Liberty Science Center outside of New York), but we have been pleasantly surprised by some smaller centers that still really packed in the fun (like the science center in Bemidji, Minnesota).

  5. This place could have been great but just wasn’t! Still, our son did enjoy it and doesn’t have the same memory as me, so it wasn’t a day wasted. It’s great to know about places other families enjoyed too – will put those two on my “list”.

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